small pleasures

Small Pleasures

between a rock and a hard place

between a rock and a hard place, inverted
President Obama's State of the Union Address, eloquent as ever, and so darn self-confident, strikes me as covering a lot of ground, yet offering little of the change so many of us desire. Tightening the belt will not mean abandoning armament in Iraq, leading in alternative green energy will not exclude the quest for more unsustainable nuclear power and/or non-existent "clean coal," tax refunds will not make that big a difference to many that seek further education, and health care reform without a public option seems almost, if not entirely meaningless.
Some interesting fact checks can be found here:

between a rock and a hard place

Interesting though how any one image, any one thing can look so very different from another point of view. Seems to me that the Republicans and Democrats need to put themselves in to one another's shoes, so they can switch their point of view, have a deeper understanding of what is needed and really start working together. We like to vilify the other, but in truth they complement each other and make a larger whole. The search for this larger vision is a noble one, but sure goes against most of our desires to get things done - our way. I applaud President Obama for chastising both parties and encouraging both to work towards common goals and the good for all. Contrary to those that urge President Obama to force policies through and act more tough and angry, I admire, in theory, his principled approach and desire to bring along both parties.

I am afraid though we will not see the changes we so hoped for and were so excited about only 1 year ago. I am afraid Adriana Huffington might be right and we will not see great achievements, but little disappointing bits and pieces that will not add up to a whole lot, certainly not enough for the progressives.

Haiti Horror

January 12, 2010, just before 5 PM one devastating earth quake (7) struck Haiti and 1 week later, January 20. early AM one aftershock (6.1) shook their earth again. Imagine the terror this must cause. There seems to be concern of imminent violence sometimes overriding the giving of urgently needed care such as when Dr. Sanjay Gupta (CNN) was left alone in a medical tent for one whole night. Can the US be accused of militarizing the relief efforts? I wonder if race and class differences make up, if only a tiny part of the problems of the US relief efforts? 5 planes that carried crucial supplies like an inflatable hospital, for Doctors Without Borders were refused landing. Why aren't they given priority?

Crushed limbs, head trauma and no pain medication! The devastation, pain and terror must seem apocalyptic. Meanwhile for me, and I am sure many, that awful sense of impotent paralysis, wanting to help, but  ...