Nice knowing you, kid.

I was able to sleep very well
after having listened to the vice presidential debate 
while also having followed it on twitter, a first for me.

I agree with Robert Reich
"Biden delivered: 
Passion, conviction, indignation, incredulity at Ryan's lies
He stood up for average working people.

Robert Reich's grades:
Passion and conviction: Biden A, Ryan C.
Logic: Biden A-, Ryan C+.
Facts: Biden B, Ryan D. 
Closing: Biden C, Ryan B.  

I gave Vice President Biden an A on the skewed CNN poll.
Biden ought to keep on smiling
because he clearly displayed his expertise and experience
in foreign affairs.
Biden's outrage at the ridiculous Republican assertions
were absolutely justified.  

I actually share with Republicans
 a belief that life begins at conception.
I consider abortion a very tough choice to make, 
one that I never ever would want to make,
never had to make for myself,
and never ever would want to impose on another woman!
I appreciate our Vice President 
not forcing his beliefs on the rest of us.

"If Obama had been this strong, 
the election would be over now." 
Bill Maher tweet

"My father used to say, 
"Don't raise your voice, 
improve your argument"

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Vice-President Biden argued masterfully.


No Attack On Iran!

Julian called upon us to stand for Peace.
 Linda Durham, activist extraordinaire, 
 twice participant in a Gaza Flotilla,
stood for Peace
and against a build up to war with Iran.
 George, an almost retired state worker,
took time out of his busy day to stand for peace
and against the rhetoric of war on Iran.
Seasoned activists, 
Sumo and Isabella watched patiently from the sidelines 
as the protest progressed.
Unequivocal support of Israel 
will no longer do. 
 International tough stances and wishing for what once was, 
will no longer do.

 A groaning and moaning patriarchal system 
is on it's way out.
Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is it's current poster child.

A new world order is inevitable.

I Voted Early Today!

I voted today!
Accompanied by my pups
I personally fed the 1,000th paper ballot 
 in to the voting machine
on this second day of early voting.
I voted AGAINST the R & Rs,
against the truly repugnant Republican stance.
Simplistic slogans will never illuminate 
my differentiated point of view, lol, 
but they do make for rather succinct statements.
Expect a post on Republican atrocities to follow shortly.