after she had worked on her friend that used to be her best friend
and then not, and then had become again her paying customer,

after she had invited another over, for free, on a hunch,
after he had accepted and had shown up on time,
and after he had left her, both filled with kindness,

after she had taken out again,
her dogs, against her will and innate nature,
in to the freezing cold, then fed them,

she lay down, on the magic bed,
her chest yielded, her eyes closed, then opened
as she watched the flickering tea lights reflected ...

My Two Sweeties

Isabella & Sumo in their element, in the woods up above 8,000 feet.


Poly-Ticks = Multitude of Bloodsuckers

War Is Asinine

Watching Ray busking in his regular spot at our farmers market this Saturday morning blowing up his balloons for the kids, chatting in between, I realized Ray has all these great one-liners, he ought to entertain not only kids, but us adults. I would love to watch Ray on his own soap box spout his wisdom among plenty of laughter. To my surprise I learned that he used to be a stand-up comedian, wow, who knew!

We have become too politically correct, hence the rise of Trump. Let us all let out our own inner, little Trump. Let us all be bolder, more audacious, and a whole lot more passionate. It would be refreshing to hear real people again expressing their views with vigor and preferably lots of laughter. Let us all do our part in expressing ourselves with less caution so that the real Trump may fade away, at the very least disappear from public view and especially the US political scene.

This is how David Bedrick, Author of "Talking Back to Dr. Phil" put it: "

* Do you sometimes feel like the system is just not working? 

* Do you ever think that you have censored yourself too long and you would love to just let whatever you think and feel just flow freely out of your mouth? 
* Do you sense, at times, that you really know better than a lot of what passes for policy, politics, healing and more?

I have. If you have too, then we have a little "Donald Trump" in us. 
No, I don't mean literally - you need not be a racist, sexist, ego-maniac to join the club. "

Harbin Hot Springs Devastation Due To Valley Fire

Credit for these photos off facebook go to Harbin Hot Springs 
and Luiza Leite,

Always a pretty bouquet in honor of those healing springs.

Favorite morning meditation & contemplation spot in the warm pool.

Long time resident of Harbin Dee (1927 - 2011) during her morning routine work out in the warm pool in 2006.

Main area of Harbin with view on the communal kitchen and showers with stairs ascending to the warm pool. 
Cats and skunks would hang near the kitchen, better be careful not to trip over them.

Harbin Hot Springs Swimming Pool

View from the trail up above over the sun deck, swimming pool and hidden the heart shaped pool where kids were welcome.

German speaking Omi, a frequent guest at Harbin, loves to smile, sing & swim.

Serenity, at the core of those hot and healing springs.

Harbin Gate Keeper to Altered States.

Deers with ferocious appetites cohabited in peace at Harbin.

Abundant trails became truly adventurous when walked at night in moon light.

Delicious blueberry pancakes for breakfast with good conversations & lots of laughter.

Harbin Restaurant with Stairs leading up to the Library.
Vegetarian meals savored among good people with open hearts and open minds.

Plenty of opportunities to come together to celebrate with ceremonies of peaceful intentions for the good of all in the warm pool.
I am certain I am not the only one feeling a need for just such, right now.

Harbin Hot Springs as it used to be, before a prior fire.

Harbin Hot Springs Now

Posterity Production posted all the photos that follow to facebook on Sunday September 13th 2015, 
after a devastating wild fire swept down the valley, through Harbin in to Middletown Saturday September 12th 2015.

The Heart, the essence of Harbin Hot Springs is still intact!
Harbin will be rebuilt. A phoenix will rise from the ashes.

Meanwhile it is up to us 'Harbingers' to nourish our inner vision of Harbin, a place of healing, of serenity, of beauty and of magic. 
We will hold it dear, and carry our vision out in to the world, bit by bit.

Harbin Lost to Valley Fire
Posted by Posterity Productions on Monday, September 14, 2015

9.18.15 PG&E: One of their power lines on contact with a tree may have ignited this fire. 

9.26.15 Update: ‪#‎ValleyFire‬ in southern Lake County is now 76,067 acres and 95%.

Today is the day of return for those that have been displaced due to the Valley Fire. It must have been a very long 2 weeks for Harbin residents who lost everything, their homes, their jobs, their community, everything. They are now all eligible for FEMA support and the collection of unemployment, thanks to the California's Governor having declared a state of emergency and thanks to President Obama's declaration of a major disaster (9.22.) with release of federal funding. Harbin's intent to rebuild is now official, but it will take time. Monday the cleaning up efforts will start. Check Harbin's website for further updates and for contributing to their Relief Fund if you are so inclined.

Update 10.16.2015 via facebook: Your donations toward Harbin residents and staff have totaled over $200,000! Please know that the result of these kind offerings serve to carry our community through a difficult and disorienting time. Should you wish to further support us in this manner please visit the bottom of the linked

Update almost 11 months later: Faulty wiring to an outdoor hot tub caused the fire!

Bitten Off Too Much?

On the boundary of our Railyard park this Mama squirrel with tits hanging down heavy enjoyed an apple as we approached. Mama froze with a big piece of apple stuck in her mouth and did not dare move until we passed on, due to the presence of my two pups, who never noticed her up above their noses. I admit, I took my sweet time to take a whole set of pictures.

I seen probably this very same squirrel in the very same spot eating apple a few days earlier and I also noticed new tiny and very cute baby ground squirrels nearby on and around the red rocks. It always strikes me as very odd how these pesky critters evoke no aversion from me, while admittedly rats and mice still do.

Flowers Behind Ear - Pen Between Teeth

What is not to like about a man that sticks flowers behind his ears and pens between his teeth? 

No longer green behind his ears, this man writes furiously (with three pens or more) in public places in to big tomes at times. I wonder what he is writing about. He seems very private, not exactly approachable. I heard him sing in what sounded latin and watched him dance and enjoy live music. Stolen take after 7 pm on the Santa Fe plaza, with dogs, while in a hurry, with my Panaonic Lumix.