Nina Simone

There is such greatness in American culture along side the sordid, shameful aspects. It is important to embrace all aspects of reality, to never close our eyes to one or the other, not to what is good and not to what is bad. Wear rose colored glasses if you must, but never ever forget when you wear them.

There is no justice for one that got killed, nothing can restore the dead one, not in our life on this earth.
For the killer of Trayvon Martin to walk away a free man only confirms an asinine Wild West attitude shared by enough US citizens to worm it's way in to law. Zimmerman's not guilty verdict makes me ashamed once again to have become an American, of my own free will I might ad.

Americans overreact to violence and really need to educate themselves on non-violent conflict resolution with attempts at more sophisticated psychological understanding, appropriate for our times.

Trayvon Martin

Was a honor student with a 3.7 GPA.
Was accepted into college on a full-ride.
Was a volunteer of over 600 service hours.