OManipulae Image-Cherie

OManipulae Image-Cherie translates to Om's Cherished Manipulated Imagery
Meaning I do not dare to call my images photos, as I am not really a photographer. Unless clicking a button on a camera makes one a photographer. I think not. I have never yet printed out an image of mine from the close to 10,000 I have taken over the last 4 years. A real photographer has to know more then I do about the camera he uses. So I consider myself, for now, an image-maker. Hunting for shots with my camera in one hand, pups in the other, has been my great passion and has opened my eyes and my mind, and my heart. I stand in awe on how spectacular my familiar world looks on close inspection. Most images are taken on twice daily walks with my pups. My canine companions know how to sit and wait until I am done and ready to move on. So what follows is a new full screen slide show of a random selection of some of 100 of my favorite images.



If you have feedback for me, I would be sincerely delighted. 
All images belong to me exclusively and are taken by me 
with my Nikon D40 or Olympus Stylus camera 
unless stated otherwise.
They are offered for your viewing, 
not taking pleasure.

Please, do not use my images without my permission!