About OM

I believe in the power of the internet, in the practicality of the net as regards the distribution of information, the making of contact and the building of community, across geographic, sociopolitical, economic and racial divides (my Aquarian streak.)

I believe in the importance of Self expression over repression as I am a product of my time, the Pluto in Leo generation. Arguably the self may be understood large or in it's tiniest minutia. My intent is to embrace it all, the whole enchilada.

My challenge is to rediscover my world anew with open eyes (through the lens of my camera) an open heart and mind. With this blog I challenge myself to own my experiences, my thoughts and my feelings, and my believes, however much in flux they may be. I seek to formulate and communicate what touches me, if only for a moment, in hopes that it will touch you too. In hopes that this will foster connection, interaction, civilized discussion, sharing and caring.  Your 2 cents, or more, in feedback, anonymous or not, will be most welcome and will be responded to in kind. Find out more about 

Please forgive my grammatical errors, there must be many. English is not my first and not my second language and one I studied the least, but used the most.

Most images are of my own making
and not for your taking!