Land of Enchantment

Vista from an almost ordinary Spring morning,
 as I walked my Isabella-girl
 while the other 6 pups ran along side Eric the bicyclist,
for 12 miles!

My Friend Ruri

Minors still, she was only 16, we drowned in each others eyes. Stoic Asian features masked her lust for love and life. Together we sat in silence, learned and laughed. My Tai chi teacher opened closed doors for her. The sitar/tabla player coveted her as a student, maybe more. Zen Master Deshimaru engaged her in easy conversation in their native tongue. Her charm and talents were abundant and obvious to all. Her soul was like a deep bottomless well. Her spirit soared. Lord Krishna adorned the walls of her childhood bedroom. At a tenuous threshold, no longer child - not yet woman. Psychic, her nightmares foretold her drowning, still a minor at the tender age of only 19.


the writing on the wall, or rather in my hand
the markings in my palm
signs of spinsterhood
lacking for those major lines
 (heart, mind, moon and life)
to merge and form a proper figure M
condemned to no Marriage
but prissy repression
Mysterious, Mystical, Magical, Macabre
better keep a sense of humor
As Above So Below

Please Vote For Me!

Mister Fix-it Guy Extraordinaire in the closet and in the process of putting on a new belt on my by now almost 25 year old appliance. January 6th 2008, Joel Berg of Best Way Appliance Repair came to the rescue, exactly on time as promised, with a big smile, a philosophical attitude and  free, unasked for advise about life to boot. His procedure has kept my machine running so far for another 44 months, but for how much longer, at what cost?

Please note that even back in the eighties I chose an energy efficient front loading washer and dryer. Of course these days machines use a lot less water and electricity which in itself is reason enough for replacement. I do not mind the loss of the original handle or the loss of one of the knobs on the dryer, as the occasional use is done in one setting. Neither do I mind terribly the timer's refusal to keep track automatically. What I do mind is the rattle and roll, the rumble and grumble, a machine that declares loud and clear it had about enough, is about to quit, or worse take off. The noise wrecks havoc with our (3 furry ones are to be considered) nervous systems. Forget about following the news during a spin cycle.

I also do mind the soap water leaks when filled not even full. It may be time for a replacement of this most appreciated of all equipments, my washer. (A dryer I can do without, as the sun will do just fine most often.) I do remember my mom who washed her sheets by hand in steaming copper cauldrons in the basement, probably heated with coal - laborious, hard work. I bless my good fortune of having escaped a fate of strenuous manual labor. Washers along with bikes are the best of inventions. Refrigerators come in a close third I say. While dishwashers on the other hand are a waste of precious space. What do you think?

So here is MY PLEA TO YOU: Please VOTE FOR ME here!

Joel Berg's Motto
Never let defeat cloud your mind, 
but be certain of a successful outcome.


Voila my new website to serve as an on-line hub for my various activities. I am rather proud of having managed to create what surely is a work in progress, especially considering my lack of technical expertise, including general impatience with all things (not people) that dare not conform to my expectations. 
Please visit and leave your mark.