Voter ID

So glad John Oliver is back, missed him.

Grown up in Europe, I have carried identification on me at all times for half a century by now. Proof of identification seems a simple, common-sense, practical part of life, so I could not understand the resistance to such from liberals and democrats. Little did I understand the trouble many American citizens may have in obtaining such. Our Land of Enchantment in particular may feature Native American babies born on reservations not hospitals and Hispanics, here for generations, never having bothered to obtain passports and those elderly that never drove or lost their licenses. Demand for voter identification has to come with an assurance of easy access of obtaining such, possibly with a grandfathering-in option. Until, I will join the chorus against the right wing demand for voter ID.


Pretty Kitty was our Valentine's surprise in 2007. In search of a new home he had ended up with a neighbor allergic to cats. A sudden invasion of mice had made me rather amenable to offering temporary refuge to this pretty kitty, especially with a snow storm in the forecast. 

He earned his life long keep with us, having dispersed those mice in only 3 days, they all fled over to our neighbor (I was told so only later.) Relief, I never had to encounter evidence of any carnage! I am terrified of mice, this was our first and our only and our last time any were ever in our home. 

We did discover the proper owner or custodian and we agreed to us giving this pretty kitty a temporary home - until she was settled out of state in a new job later that year. When the time came our Pretty Kitty made it plenty clear that he was going nowhere. He had chosen, no doubt, our pups as his new companions and us as his new home! 

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you from all of us. 
May this day bring you many blessings, much love, some light and especially laughter.

Coming To A Theatre Near You Friday February 12th

Michael Moore's 1. film in 6 years, finally!
Let's go watch Where to Invade Next.
Meanwhile let's wish Michael a full recovery
& let's hope for us that there will be more movies of his in our future.