Transparency of a kind

President Obama must have had something other in mind then leaks when he vowed to make government more transparent.

"another cable shows that a 2009 claim by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Iran was months away from achieving military nuclear capability was dismissed by the Americans as a ploy.

According to German weekly Der Spiegel, which also received advance information from WIkiLeaks, a State Department official says in a classified cable that Netanyahu informed the United States of Iran's nuclear advancement in November 2009, but that the prime minister's estimate was likely unfounded and intended to pressure Washington into action against the Islamic Republic." (Wikileak)

"After delays, an official launch ceremony of Iran's first nuclear power plant, Bushehr I reactor was held on 21 August 2010, and the plant is expected to go on line ...  by the end of 2010." (Wikipedia)

"The nuclear program of Iran was launched in the 1950s with the help of the United States as part of the Atoms for Peace program." (Wikpedia) I had no idea.

"Ahmadinejad has been a vocal supporter of Iran's nuclear program, and has insisted that it is for peaceful purposes. He has repeatedly emphasized that building a nuclear bomb is not the policy of his government. He has said that such a policy is "illegal and against our religion."[101][102] He also added at a January 2006 conference in Tehran that a nation with "culture, logic and civilization" would not need nuclear weapons, and that countries that seek nuclear weapons are those which want to solve all problems by the use of force.[103] In a 2008 interview Ahmadinejad elaborated that countries striving to obtain nuclear weapons are politically backward nations and those who possess them and continually make new generations of such bombs are "even more backward". (Wikpedia)

"Despite Ahmadinejad's vocal support for the program, the office of the Iranian president is not directly responsible for nuclear policy. It is instead set by the Supreme National Security Council. The council includes two representatives appointed by the Supreme Leader, military officials, and members of the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of government, and reports directly to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who issued a fatwa against nuclear weapons in 2005.[112] Khamenei has criticized Ahmadinejad's "personalization" of the nuclear issue." (Wikpedia)

I do wonder if Iran is close to having nuclear power available for military purposes? My Tea Party contact dismisses this as nonsense and stresses their right to nuclear power as a sovereign power and believes the Iranian president Ahmadinejad enjoys goading others and does not believe him to be as ignorant as he may sound.

Did you know that as Major of Teheran, Ahmadinejad worked to improve the traffic system and focused on charity such a as the distribution of free soup to the poor?

.."after returning from his 2005 speech to the UN General Assembly, Ahmadinejad stated he had "felt a halo over his head" during his speech and that a hidden presence had mesmerized the unblinking audience of foreign leaders, foreign ministers, and ambassadors." Wow, the Iraninan president, a mystic and/or religious fanatic?

This is where one might want to resort to prayer, and plead to the higher powers to interject and save us from rogues gaining access to nuclear destruction.

For an interesting interview with Julian Assange check out this link.

4 months earlier, August 3. 2010 on Democracy Now, another interesting interview.

Interpole, usually involved with international affairs has put out a warrant because supposedly not of the leaks, but the charges of rape against Julian. While I take accusations of rape very seriously, this one smells suspicious. 

Since Amazon took down the Wikileak site, you can follow the developments on twitter or facebook.

Der Spiegel offers a highly organized means of studying the documents and seems to still function.


1978, about 5 weeks in to my US stay, when I had no idea yet that I would make my permanent home here in the United States, I was dragged along to my very first Thanksgiving event. I was 24 years old, a vegetarian for about 6 years with a disdain for family events, meat and fast food. Here I was in the cabin of a prominent New York psychiatrist in the Poconos, stuck, waiting for that damn bird to be ready to be served already. I was hungry, everybody was hungry after the long drive out of Manhattan. I doubt anyone did actually venture out of that cabin and in to the woods We all laid around on a bed, hanging. We, meaning my mentor Alec, who had graciously offered me a place to stay, had welcomed me with open arms in to his fold of acolytes, and had insisted on my coming along. Of course I had never heard of Thanksgiving. Finally when the bird came out of the oven and was ready to be devoured, of course I abstained. There were barely any side dishes, barely a thing for me to eat. Horror of horrors, for dessert I remember those cream donuts; white flour, white sugar and lots of oil, yiks.

1984, new to Santa Fe, Marge invited us to her humble abode, a school bus converted into a mobile home that she shared with her two boys and occasional lovers. I remember Marge fiddling with a soup, adding more and more miso, but somehow just not getting it right. I felt for her, I have been there, done that - lousy cooking. Marge believed in free and open sex and I believe she messed up the mind and heart especially of her older teen aged boy pretty good. It was the eighties, times were wild and crazy for some.

2000, Paradise in the East Bay, Northern California, the pool was steaming at perfect temperature, a variety of fish were grilled, my Fufu, made from Plantein flour was ready and a dessert of tofu pudding served with soy whipped cream found delighted approval while not exactly easy on our digestion. We had a blast in the most enchanting home I ever had the good fortune to occupy. The Carriage House was converted to a European style witches den.

Overgrown with bright burgundy Bougainvillea,  with cute white lace curtains on all the little windows, a balcony that overlooked the pool surrounded by banana trees and exotic blooms.

 The sounds of the water overflowing from the hot tub in to the warm pool mixed with the distant sounds of laughter and dancing to Soucous music.

With me, my Nigerian lover and my dearest friends, many of them colleagues, with more then a few that shared my Cancer birth sign. We were in our element, an amicable lot and we really liked each other professionally and privately. Heaven, I was in heaven!

2010, Thanksgiving at home alone in the City Different in the Land of Enchantment, once again. Well, I am not alone, I got my 3 furry ones, but I am nobody's mom. I celebrated Thanksgiving with a "feast in my mouth" as Dr. Phil would say. There is nothing like oral gratification. Celebrating Thanksgiving without family stressors is nothing to sneeze at either. How I hate dysfunctional family dynamics. I had enough in my youth to last me life times. Now I have no family and no friends either.

I am grateful to still have my home, to still have some cash, to still be able to buy food, and dessert. I am grateful to have been granted an easy life in so many respects. I am grateful for all the horrors that so far have not befallen me. I am grateful for the kindnesses bestowed upon me. As when my mentor Alec offered me his home to stay and so I could find my bearings on this new and oh so different continent. As when Dietmar, a young father in Switzerland, offered me his place to stay when I, 17 years old, lost my room, because the landlady objected to the weekend stay of an American tourist during my absence. I am grateful to Dwuno who bestowed her light, her attention, her beauty and her wisdom on me and I was never to be the same again. I am especially grateful to my now deceased Mom who gave me the cash for the down payment on what has been my home now for the last 24 years. I am grateful that whatever stood between me and my Mom and my Dad dissolved before their passing, that we resolved whatever it was, and that we found peace together.

On a different note I am grateful for Tina Fey who still can give perspective to a Sarah Palin and so deservedly won the recent Mark Twain award. I am grateful to Michael Moore who endured a personal vendetta by big pharmaca and the former president, but keeps on trucking and keeps on inspiring us to take action and make a difference and believe in the power of the people, against all evidence so it seems.

Gratitude does not come easy to me, I really have to go fish to find morsels of it. I will do just that, go fish, be quiet and see what might bite and if, I then will report back.

Happy Overeating!

Happy Overeating
Why eat meat if we can have sweets?

My mom expressed to me the idea that life was not worth living without her "Wurscht und Brot" (sausage and bread.) I might say that the worth of life is greatly diminished with a lack of desserts. Of course I say this tongue in cheek, knowing very well that overindulgence killed my Mom prematurely. 

For today I am in no frame to deny myself and will not even pretend to want to abstain. 

My first dessert of the day: Espresso Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with Chocolate Pudding, Whipped Cream and a sprinkle of Cinnamon.  Tomorrow will be another day. 


Be Here Now

In a hurry with too much on my mind I wanted to quickly get an errand done by bike. "Where are my damn pantaloons, huregopferdamisiech?" One of a very few pair of pants that do not flow very wide down my legs and so do not threaten to get caught in the spokes and would not likely get me to fall and have an accident. Goddess forbid the horror that could unfold from a simple fall. I could lose my home, my life, everything. But my pantaloons, I had them in my hands a moment ago. Now they are neither here, there, nor anywhere. I searched high and low, meaning upstairs and downstairs and in the most unlikely places, until I happened to look down on myself:

Oops, here are my pantaloons on my legs in that unmistakable purple dotted on black synthetic fabric. The pair I got over a decade ago at a spa where I had worked and worked-out for a very short period in my life. I was wearing the pants I had searched for in a frenzy as I cursed to heaven and hell! (The Swiss curses are made of a particular potent fashion, I use them to great satisfaction on such occasions.)

Gosh, that is a first. I mean glasses one can wear (not me, not yet, ever, never) and not notice, but pants! I have done other kinds of odd things. I placed items where they have no business being, but never ever have I ever looked for a clothing item I actually wore. 

Sure, I got a lot on my mind. More bills coming in then money. But hey, Alzheimer's they say now has an onset decades earlier then thought. Too much stress with too little presence. Lack of attention, or the decline of a diseased brain, who is to say? To mind comes Be Here Now and dear Ram Dass who catches us at our games and brings us back to presence, again and again and again. I happened to hear an interview with Ram Dass last Sunday and was delighted with his improved speech. His voice sounded full and strong and the delay of response, a symptom from his stroke in 1997, was barely noticeable. Ram Dass closed the first section of his book Be Here Now with this passage, taken from Wikipedia:

"Now, though I am a beginner on the path, I have returned to the West for a time to work out karma or unfulfilled commitment. Part of this commitment is to share what I have learned with those of you who are on a similar journey. One can share a message through telling 'our-story' as I have just done, or through the teaching methods of yoga, or singing, or making love. Each of us finds his unique vehicle for sharing with others his bit of wisdom. For me, this story is but a vehicle for sharing with you the true message... the living faith in what is possible. --OM--"

Neither Red, Blue or Green

As of yesterday I officially belong to no party. I am neither red, blue or green, despite my having considered an alliance with the Democratic Party, at the height of that glorious sweep of hope two years ago with the election of  President Barack Obama.

It seems as befitting a moment as any to take stock.

The US population is almost up to 310.700,000 which includes 11.2 million undocumented residents. I count as one inside the third most populous nation in the world, after China and India.

I was never convinced the world needed more people and particularly not the propagation of my genes.
More women choose to stay childless, but there is supposedly a stigma attached. Something I never knew and could cared less about. I wish more women had the good sense to abstain from popping out babies when they lack the resources, inner and outer, to properly raise them. Mothers belong with their infants, not away at work. Maternity leave should be a granted right to all new moms. Those that want to jump right back in the fray like Sarah Palin should not have babies. This is not a matter of being old fashioned, but of listening to the intrinsic needs of newborns. A real live warm tit will never be replaced by a bottle, no matter the convenience.

In the US almost 80% are White and supposedly privileged. I count as one of them. Almost 13% are Black and a bit over 15% are Hispanic.

As of 2007 12.6% were foreign born, that includes me.

The United States has a life expectancy of 77.8 years at birth. Over the past two decades, the country's rank in life expectancy has dropped from 11th to 42nd in the world. Shocking, but not unexpected.

Approximately one-third of the adult population is obese and an additional third is overweight. I am ashamed that I have to count myself in, despite daily walks, some biking and no fast food. I never yet had ever a desire to taste a Big Mac.

In 2007 almost 80% considered themselves Christians. I belong to the 16% that do not belong to any religious denomination and want no affiliation with any church. I admire those that due to their faith give of themselves and manage to do immeasurable good. I despise those that despite their religious believes act cruel and selfish.

At the start of 2008, more than 2.3 million people were incarcerated, more than one in every 100 adults. African American males are jailed at about six times the rate of white males and three times the rate of Hispanic males. I have been inside Sing-Sing, but only as a visitor. While I do not use legal or illegal drugs, I wish pot would be decriminalized. Take away the glamor and the incentive for rebellious teens. Let adults make their own choices. Tax dope and reduce the national deficit already. It's time to stop this madness.

Every form of life is precious and deserves our utmost care and respect and reverence. No matter the color, the sex, the status of documentation, the crime or the age. I guess that is what I am trying to say.

All information was taken from Wikipedia. I can not vouch to their accuracy.

Dream Home

The other day I met the man, not of my dreams,
but of my dream home.

The man greatly offended my Isabella-girl when he stood there and seemingly oddly looked up in to space as he actually checked his phone lines. My girl made her suspicions known loud and clear. I did what any good canine guardian might do, I had her sit and apologize to the man and that is how we got to talk. The owner of my dream home is an artist who builds sculptures from recycled materials. He shared with me the background of this most appealing of homes. An Opera singer in her eighties built  this rather small house for herself and her lover. Got to admire those hearty folks able to take on serious undertakings in their advanced age. The lady would sing her heart out behind those windows with those gorgeous views across our City Different. He could have fenced in those acres around his home, but chose to be a good and friendly neighbor to the dog park and confessed to having had no problems with us park visitors ever. It was a delightful exchange I had with the man of my dream home and of course I made it clear that I was standing in line if ever he needed a caretaker. I would love the proximity to our favorite open space with a view that is not to be sneezed at.

Happy Full Moon!
Once again it sneaked upon us.



Post Election Reflections

Buddha Reflected
Last weeks election results have me baffled. Keeping my cool has been seriously compromised. What are the American people thinking? On election day I hunkered down outside my local polling station, curious what kinds of folks would show up. Few did, but one Hispanic guy was open to discuss his choices. Pissed at our Democratic Governor who had been embroiled in scandal, he blamed  Richardson for stealing his Mom's pension fund. So he was ready for change. He claimed to listen to Amy Goodman's Democracy Now, but he voted for a Republican Governor. So now we have Susanna Martinez, the first female Hispanic Governor ever and what does she do? Investigate already on how to reverse recent legislation in regard to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as if the environment needed not more, but less protection! With big money from Texas ,her home state ,we are sure to see oil interests rise and pristine areas opened to invasive drilling, resisted up until now. 

A planned acquisition of land for an ambitious 4 prong project to rescue wild Mustangs, to rehabilitate and employ them for therapeutic gains for kids and vets and tourists will likely get nixed with the myopic state of minds of most Republicans. One elderly lady expects hunters to be given access to up till now protected environments. One would wish for more wisdom with females in leading positions, but I never believed peace to reign with females bickering (and this our two contenders for Governor did up to election day.)

One of my favorite cute young check-out guy at Trader Joe's grocery store admitted he did not bother to vote. I gave him hell. Well, not really, but I did impress on him the importance of doing so and he agreed he made a mistake. Have you talked to your check-out guy or gal lately, about things that matter? I highly recommend talking to those around us for real.

At the dog park on my twice daily outings I inquired about how others feel about the results and lo and behold there are a few there too that voted supposedly conservative. The First Lady's entourage was blamed, the expenses of the President's trips were mentioned, but not the expenses of Bush's war mongering? It took only one round around the park for one woman to consider she may have made a mistake with her vote for Republicans. Mind you we parted with hugs and the satisfaction of being able to voice our differing views and hear each other and find a surprising lot of common ground. Have you talked to your friends and neighbors yet lately? Again, I highly recommend it, we do need civilized discourse. Politics and money should no longer be off limits, they are too important.

Bush is hawking his book and so I got to watch him on Oprah. He mentioned that sinking feeling when he learned that there were no weapons of mass destruction and then continued that EVERYBODY believed Saddam had them. Nope, I did not, and neither did the investigators and he chose not to listen to them, but follow in the footsteps of unconfirmed ideations of his own. I blame him for not having taken the time, not having had the wisdom to wait out the results of an  almost complete investigation. before going to war. Inexcusable. Bush did not say he was sorry! Instead he claims a black entertainer's critique of racism hurt him the most! But objections to his actions from throughout the world, in the millions, ran down his bare back like water and left him unaffected? Bush says he is done with politics and it seems to confirm that his stints as Governor and President were likely geared towards pleasing his Dad. Gosh what an immature mind. Do the American people really have such a short memory?

to be continued ...

Sour Grapes

Just like too many comments posted do not relate to my posts, but only to ruthless advances of commercial agendas, something most of us despise, these berries of course are not grapes and are not sour either. We used to add them to our grain coffee at our Macrobiotic restaurant. With little color left late in the year these have caught my eyes, especially when illuminated by the early morning or late afternoon sun. 

I do apologize for your inconvenience, the extra hoopla required for now in posting your legitimate comment. I treasure your feedback and contributions and maybe differing angles of views. Please do not let that deter you, sincerely, om.

Lost Opportunities

I grieve the lost opportunities that came with President Obama's rise - and fall. How can a man that was able to speak right out of the hearts of the people so suddenly get so out of touch? How can so much hope and excitement dissipate so fast? 

Today, the day after the mid-term elections, President Obama in his response to the press mentioned the height of craze of two years ago as he tried to convince us that we are all on a learning curve and that change is a process, not an overnight miracle. But the craze was not crazy, but real. So many of us want change, not incremental, but at the core. We believe too many bad weeds need uprooting, a purge of major proportion is in order. Wall street has to be given perspective and has to serve once more the people. Corporate power needs to be reigned in. Free enterprise does not mean free reign to those with money, power and influence, and no conscience. Corporate entities are not people and should never have been allowed to hold such status. Shame on those conservative courts. Shame on those that exploit.

I do not care much for the color red or blue, too primary, too simplistic for my taste. I like nuanced tones a whole lot better. Like so many I have not been able to identify with either party. We do need more options, but not the Tea Party. We need to step forward in time not backward. 

While I am not for abortions, I am most certainly not about to tell another woman what she can or can not do with her own body. Do we really want to revert to backrooms with coat hangers? We have to embrace science and not deny the well proven facts. Omitting to teach science and history according to facts rather then philosophy ought to be a crime and should be considered a terrible indoctrination.

I am a product of the sixties, which were the seventies in Europe, I have been anti-establishment since my teens. Voting Democratic by default I am suddenly accused of wanting government hand outs and worse having a socialist agenda intent on the equitable redistribution of wealth. Hilarious, if there were not as much at stake. By the way, I do own my home free and clear and pay off my credit cards monthly and so far managed to stay debt free.

A discussion on what ought to be under government control and what not might very well be in order. Locally we got our train and some bemoan that it is not a profit making enterprise. No wonder I say with the restrictive hours and destinations of it's service, but coming from Switzerland I do not believe train service has to be a profitable business, primarily it ought to benefit the people, the community and the environment. The decrease in carbon emanating commuter vehicles with the benefits of a lower carbon foot print, better air and less congested roads ought to be plenty of incentive to support travel by rail. I fear for our trains under our new Republican Governor.

Worse I fear the American mindset that loathes a powerful, intelligent, well educated and well spoken woman like Nancy Pelosi or President Barack Obama, but embraces personalities like Christine O'Donnell and Sarah Palin with their cocky, cutesy, even sexy, certainly folksy, but seriously uninformed states of minds. 

With shattered hopes and a country reverting back to old worn out ways, it is tempting to become a cynic, turn away from the ugliness of politics as usual, turn off the TV with it's toxic commercials and simply stop caring. But care we must! Conversations must be had. We do not have the luxury to ignore each other, we live too close, too dense, too dependent on each other. So I invite your views on the state of affairs post mid-term elections, please.


Go vote, if you have not already and

show them that your vote can not be bought!