RIP Doc - 12.22.2015

5.14.2009 Doc was waiting outside for Daniel to open his coffeeshop.
My first photo of Doc, before I ever talked to him, learned his name and a bit about his views on life.

2 weeks later, on an early Sunday morning, I had another chance to capture his likeness, hang out and chat some. 
We talked politics due to my insistence and prodding.

Doc expected some major calamities to befall us by 12.12.12.
He would have voted for Hillary, but had lost trust in Obama.
He worried about America becoming a socialist state where the banks would be owned by the government, the United States by China.
The piece of fur he wore, he claimed was road kill, a Wild Ring Cat, in the Raccoon family from up on the mountain where he lived, he said in a tepee.
His wife of 40 years died 15 years ago and lived with him up in the mountains.

Doc offered advise for free; his sign "What's Up Doc?"
Asked about best place for breakfast downtown, he answered with Tia Sophia without hesitation, a choice most locals might agree with.
Doc told me his 72nd birthday was coming up June 4th 2009.
I made a point to present him with my birthday card and my photos on cd.

Doc passed unexpectedly on December 22. 2015 from what officials considered natural causes. Some suspect a heart attack. 
Our downtown without Doc is almost unimaginable. Doc will be missed.
May Peace Be His!

Glorious Luscious Long Late Light


The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the Santa Fe Railyard where it does take an optimist to try and sell anything. As you can see, barely a soul in sight, our downtown Railyard deserted most of the time, here just after noon at lunch time. That is the reason an otherwise very popular coffeeshop Flying Star, across from what is now the Violet Crown cineplex, pulled out and closed. I did see though later a man walk away from this new in our 'hood mobile food cart with a cup of something presumably perfect and delicious.

Temperatures were to drop in to the single digits even during the day, but the wind is not as bad as had been predicted, so our walk with dogs was rather enjoyable, no more mud or funky puddles, all either dried up or frozen over.

Furry friends in small spaces in combination with snow and ice, make for plenty of challenges!


Mermaid out of her element in the high desert.


Focus on beauty and try not to associate the blood red color with the bloody mess we live with.
Fed up with the violence and fed up with the stupidity of people's knee jerk reactions.
No words, not yet.