I lied

I focused some more on the action in and around the portal of the Palace of the Governor. I just love the drama of the light and shadows, enhanced by the action of the people coming and going.
Once some of the native artisans have left, 
space then opens to serve as a stage for the actors, 
the people, to come and go. 
Diversity is the name of the game in our City Different.

In Disguise

Out on errands with pups, in disguise, she wore her green, down to the ankles 'Earth Mama' frock, bare feet in lilac plastic Crocs, fuzzy unshaven legs exposed, on a frigid first day of Spring that must have held a wind chill factor down in the low thirty degrees.  She did remember a time, decades ago, at work, when she was voted best dressed.


Late Luscious Light 3.21.12


At the end of yet another day.
Native American artisans in their traditional area
under the portal of the Palace of the Governor
in Santa Fe, New Mexico
The City Different in the Land of Enchantment.

This concludes a series of photos focused on people, light and shadows.

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City Different Crime - A Reality

In the picturesque City Different 
with a population of 67,947 (2010 census count)
the following crimes got reported during March 1.-14.
(a period of icy, cold and stormy weather
numbers may climb considerably in warmer temperatures.

-Total number of crimes; 1,221
-Average number of crimes per day: 87.21
-Average number of crimes per day that pertain to traffic, including the most common DWI: 42
-Average number of traffic citations per day: 36.93
-Total number of DWIs: 12
-Average number of alcohol-related incidents per day: 3.57
-Number of drug reports: 16
-Number of sexual offense reports: 0
-Number of thefts:17
-Average number of thefts per day: 8.14
-Percentage of total crimes that are thefts: 42
-My 'hood has is one with a higher percentage of theft.
-Number of burglaries: 60
-Average number of burglaries per day: 4.29
-Number of burglaries in my 'hood: 1 
(Likely low due to the cold weather of late!)
Approximate number of police officers: 150

These numbers were published in today's weekly paper The Reporter and follow two homicides only this month in easy walking distance from my home, likely both related to burglaries. 

2 a.m. today, before retiring, I left a comment under an article in our daily news in regard to a man held since the weekend for cruelty to an animal. Only 30 miles up north a guy made a sport of hunting down a puppy on purpose. It had escaped out in to street and while his own dog was running lose up the block to their home, he veered toward the puppy and killed it and later admitted he had attempted the same several times before. I suggest the guy be prosecuted to the full extend with service to the community performed at the local animal shelter under supervision, as far as I a am concerned for the rest of his natural life.  Included ought to be aggression management counseling, that ought to probably be mandatory also for the rest of his natural life (well we can always wish.) We all know that aggression toward animals lowers the threshold toward violence against people.

Furthermore, 80% did not vote in our recent city elections (I am part of the twenty that did vote.)

So there you have it, some reality that goes along with picturesque photos of an artsy, trendy, culturally diverse and interesting, quaint, little town, that struggles with poverty, addiction, high drop out quotas, under-performing schools and lack of jobs. Despite a minimum wage above $10 (since this year, one of the highest in the US) it still makes it impossible to rent, much less own a home in downtown, so workers tend to live miles away outside of town, which includes a large part of our service men in the police force.

Mister Fuchs

Mr Fuchs (he does not mind my using a Germanic version of his real name) was about to have his morning coffee on the plaza in the company of his two Pitbulls. In danger of getting entangled, the sight of them all made me laugh out loud, hard. I had to exert serious control to keep my hands steady enough to take this shot.

Of course I too was in the company of two dogs.  This would usually necessitate plenty of respectful space between us. That one Pitbull puppy of his was still rambunctious and could do serious damage potentially to my terrier pups. In fact Mr. Fuchs did fall off his bike because he had lost control of his dog. I believe he broke his collar bone and carried his arm in a sling for a good long while.

Mr. Fuchs, despite, or is it because of his disheveled look, is a gallery owner and the editor of the Santa Fe Sun News. As an activist he worked tirelessly on a legislative change that would have banned the artificial sweetener Aspartame. We met while I played secretary to two House Representatives. Mr. Fuchs was committed to try his best to push his bill through the legislative process. It made it down to the floor on the very last day of that legislative session only to be obstructed by Republicans that refused to yield the floor so as to halt further legislation and I suppose further potential spending on any and all bills. It was very disappointing to have come so far thanks to Mr. Fuchs unrelenting pursuit and then fail due to obstructionism of the minority party. What a waste of taxpayers money! 

While no doubt many resented Mr. Fuchs' pushiness, I could not help but admire his drive, his scheming and last minute interventions. his commitment. Aspartame is a very toxic substance I would have happily seen banned in our state. I needed no special convincing, I have been long enough in the field of health and wellness to know. Meeting Mr. Fuchs after we had shed our roles at the legislature was always a cause of some wonder and amazement to me. Maybe a bit like the peeling of an onion, the shedding of roles reveal different aspects of ourselves to one another. There is always more to us then what meets the eye at first sight.

More of my 'hood

 On the plaza on a recent early, Spring-like afternoon.
Bobbie playes with his buddy, they make a good team.
Notice below, Bobbie's belt buckle fashions a real gun.
Unconcealed weapons are legal!
If I wanted anyone to carry a gun, it would be Bobbie.
The guy is so cool and calm, 
an artist, he not only writes, but composes his songs, 
writes about life and creates silver jewelry as well, 
including the gun totting belt buckles - for sale!

Vendors at the end of another day

Native American vendors 
under the portal of the Palace of the Governor 
in downtown Santa Fe,
The City Different in 
The Land of Enchantment.
Every morning the lucky draw of a lottery 
will assign who gets which spot.