Angelina Josephina

Angelina Josephina 

There is great beauty to be found
in those that hold a God or Goddess,
a Higher - or as I prefer a Lower Power
near and dear.

But it may be time to show more of our outrage
over 'religilous' hypocrisy.

I have never felt a need to explain or defend
my religious beliefs, or lack thereof,
nor have I felt a need to attack or ridicule others
in regard to their faith,
except when it concerns outright hypocrisy.

My Mom was a devout Catholic, 
believer in the bearded old guy up in heaven.
Ever since 4th grade,
when we learned that the earth was round
that really there was no up or down,
to look up to God in heaven
had become utter nonsense.

I did not have the heart though 
to debate such matters with my Mom. 
After all Mom gave credit to Mother Mary 
to have gotten her through WW II alive. 

Whatever gets us through,
stick or stones,
gods or bones,
was, is and will be good enough for me.

 I have great admiration
for those that seek to follow the will of their god, 
for those that are willing to lay their egos aside,
for those that seek thy will be done - not mine,
for those that offer their lives in service to their god.

Alas, it is a slippery slope.
never fails to grab me.

A scheme is not a vision 
and you never have been tempted 
by a demon or a god.

Too easy to fall victim to deceit.
Lower self masquerades as virtuous higher self,
wrecks havoc with self and other,
the stories of oh so many gurus, 
preachers & teachers,
men and women we put on pedestals to revere.

Maybe it is time,
maybe we ought to be more like Bill Maher
expose the hypocrisy
challenge the hold religions world wide claim on societies.
No need to be mean about it,
but clear and firm because
enough is enough!

Take inspiration for your own hold on reality
and your own speaking out against bullshit
from John Oliver's Televangelists.

Sad & Bad

Called 911 on a guy in the bushes unable to get up yesterday evening. I tried to help him, but it was challenging. The guy nicely dressed in a light blue shirt and khaki shorts with a kind face had too much booze he admitted and simply wanted to go home. He pleaded with me not to call the cops! I got him to scoot over towards the bench and crawl kinda on it and eventually the ambulance came with 3 friendly, strong guys. Since he could not walk on his own they took him, against his will to St. Vincent Hospital. He pleaded with them to just give him a lift home "just a few blocks." No, they could not do that. "I will be worse off at the hospital, don't arrest me, I have no record." I felt sad and bad. Should I have gone home and gotten my van and attempted to give him a ride home? Would that have been enabling? How far to go when offering help? Was calling 911 truly helpful to the man? His knees and elbows were bruised and scratched, I guess from the fall in to the thorny bushes, his fly was open. With thunder's promise of a rain storm, for a moment I almost believed I did the right thing. But the storm passed us by, again, hm ...


Indian Market 2015
My Best Shot

I Stand With Planned Parenthood!

This is the year of 2015!

We are not going back!

Republicans did lose their moral compass. 

Harry Reid, Sen. Minority Leader

Short only 14 lousy votes (53 - 46, R needed 60 votes.)

"The U.S. government prohibits the sale of fetal tissue for profit and requires separation between researchers and the women who donate fetuses. Some schools go further, requiring written consent from donors." Learn more on how fetal and adult tissues are used in science, learn the facts and stop the blame and the assumptions and the demonizing of one institution that has done so much good.

Canine Meet & Greet

Dawson, Ray Masterson's service dog, a Husky meets a 9 month old pup, thankfully not for the first time. My dog Isabella-girl takes no longer kindly to impolite doggies that show no respect and get in her face. But Dawson, now 7 years old, has become a very friendly  dog, Ray has taught him well. He was not always mellow, as a pup he used to explode at my dogs and we would have a barking frenzy on our hands. This year has got me dodging dogs and has gotten me very tired of dog custodians that do not pay attention and are not proactive in avoiding unpleasantries. This little cutie here is a 9 month old male and a handful, but the lady says she always checks with others about her pup approaching, which I sure appreciate. I did notice though how Ray gave Dawson cues to take it easy with the little one. Shocking the dirty looks I get from those on the other end of the leash that somehow feel insulted when I pull my pups away in an effort to avoid conflict and keep our dogs safe!

 Balloons Are Free
- Tipping Is Expected

Boy Meets Girl

All Smiles