The American Legislative Exchange Council
ALEC is a powerful  institution of corporations that manipulates corrupt legislators behind closed doors to promote legislation for corporate profit and against the people. There are 23 active ALEC members in the NM Legislature. The Koch Brothers, Exxon Mobil, Coors, Verizon, Coca Cola are known to fund ALEC.
 The People's Protest
An Alternative Pizza Dinner
was held outside the Eldorado Hotel
while inside ALEC affiliates dined on $250/plates.

6.14.12 Update:
Major corporations have distanced themselves since from ALEC. House Representative Kinkaid, involved in the altercation with Lisa Law, the seventy-some year old photographer, did not win his re-election, but he is still getting sued by Lisa, for the rough shot handling she had to endure by him.

State Of The Union

 Our beautiful First Lady Michelle Obama
 Obama Cabinet led by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton
 Obama Cabinet arrived at Chamber of House
 Powerful Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State
 Gabby Giffords Hugged by the President of the US
Rep. Gifford in Congress for the last time.
 Shot almost 1 year ago, Rep. Gifford will resign.
 So vulnerable, Rep. Gifford seems to have become a symbol
for a divided Congress and Nation to unite in compassion.
Gabby Gifford's husband, Mark Kelly, NASA Astronaut
 Jackie Brae, symbol of the possibilities 
when given  the right educational opportunities.
Rare, a pretty woman up on the hill.
 Rare, a likable looking guy.
 President Barack Obama with characteristic tilted head.
 President Barack Obama, an orator par excellence.
 Sourpuss, Speaker of the House Boehner
 An enlightened house one may wish.
The President gave a powerful speech, as usual.
I do object to the glorification of the wars
and the achievements of the military,
including the assassination of Bin Laden.
Yes to no more bail-outs, hand-outs, cop-outs.
Yes to rewarding business in the US
and taxing those that take it abroad.
No to false optimism.
I doubt that America is truly back.
While there is concern for the middle class,
the poor are strangely left out of the equation.
Ralph Nader has a point that Progressives,
while seemingly having nowhere to go, 
should make demands of the Obama adminstration,
as they can (and may, I am afraid) simply stay home
when it is time to vote.
Again, an impressive speech from a visibly aged,
should we hope leaner and meaner,
but darn charismatic President.

US Entrepreneurial Spirit

 US entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in Santa Fe!
Slurp, Santa Fe's only airstream eatery got to be the coolest.

As cool as it may be, this eatery serves hot fare.
Half a curried chicken sandwich was perfection.
After hours outside our State Capitol,
in sympathy with the Occupy rally
(staged on the first day of our legislative season
to make our legislators aware 
that we the people, the 99% are watching)
I treated myself at Slurp.

Known for their soups and focaccia bread
made fresh on site and served with a smile.

444 Galisteo Street
Tel. 505 690 5994
I say the cutest enterprise in our town
deserves my shameless advertisement.


Appalling, hypocritical Newt's audacity to run for the presidential nomination! Can anyone imagine an adulteress as First Lady? While he blasted Clinton's morals and touted Christian family values, Newt himself had secret affairs, had brought his mistress in to the home of his wife! Maybe some entitled 'white boys' can overlook such a sordid affair, but no woman voter ought to disregard a character as vicious, callous, deceitful and mean spirited as that of the former speaker of the house. Jon Stewart says it best as usual.

Boys will be boys no longer holds. Enough of white men's privilege! Enough already of outdated patriarchal values that make it o.k. for Newt to blast our sitting president, to call President Obama "stupid" simply for having refused to sign on to the further raping of the earth through the Keystone Pipeline. Yes, we need jobs, but not on cost of the environment. We need to further the healing of the environment and create green, environmentally sound jobs for real solutions.

Appalling, Mitt Romney's jitters in regard to revealing his tax returns. No, we, the majority, do not begrudge success, but we do hold financial success won on the backs of the poor (meaning unethical business practices, even if legal) against anyone that runs for public office. Off-shoring wealth to the Cayman Islands will not land any favors either with us, the voters, the 99%. Romney belongs to the 1%, no surprise the repugnant Republicans can even consider Mitt as presidential candidate.

Appalling finally, that our own Republican Governor Susana Martinez who looks like a nice enough lady, wants to reinstate the death penalty, wants to undo a decade of labor to abolish this outdated form of pure injustice and cruelty.

Whose House? - Our House!


Occupy NM Encircled NM State Capitol

Protest I Can Believe In

 Outrageous, Hilarious, Singing Grannnies
 Oh Susanna
(looking upward toward Governor Susana Martinez's office)
Living in New Mexico
Our resources are thin
Without help from Medicaid
Our pain will never end!
 Oh Susanna
Oh she don't care 'bout me
Cuz she's prosecuting Medicaid
And running for VP.
 Oh Susanna
It's time for you to go!
We've seen where you are leading us
And we will not follow.
 And so the Grandmas walk on
away from their impromptu performance
toward the real deal
on stage with microphones
to loud applause, hooting and hollering.
Those ladies made my day,
showed me protest I can believe in.

The 99 Pledge

Fun to see so many familiar faces speak out for change I can believe in.

Occupy Santa Fe approved  (officially, at a General Assembly) a national campaign spearheaded by Alan Hoffman, to bring movements across the nation together in an effort to "get the money out of electoral politics". This video tells the Occupy movements around the country how to use The 99 Pledge package so as to encourage our representatives to place their votes for the people, rather then with the interests of the manipulative, moneyed corporations. End the legal bribing of our elected officials by the top 1%!
Representative Brian Egolf, the first to sign The 99 Pledge.
While Occupy Santa Fe officially ended the encampment last weekend and clean up efforts have been under way and are almost complete, Occupy Santa Fe activism is far from over. Big actions are being planed for the opening of our 30-day legislative session, please stay tuned, we have progressed in to another phase of an unstoppable movement.

Big Dog - Little Girl

 Big Dog - Little Girl
 A story of temptation
and redemption.

After the Pet Parade, a part of our Fiesta, 
I was in a perfect spot for people watching
and street photography.

The expressions of that girl are so cute.
She never once let go of the lead,
but held on to her Newfie,
no matter what.
Priceless the feelings of the girl
as the dog got scolded and then praised.


The merry happiness season has thankfully come to an end, hallelujah! Way too much emphasis on happiness for my taste. Beware what you wish for, it may come true! Happiness is so overrated. Anderson Cooper's giggles are cute, maybe because we know him as such a serious and courageous journalist, but I sure had no desire to join him and the far out, over the top Kathy Griffin on CNN for New Years eve. I used to giggle a lot, as a girl in school, anxious nerves I suppose.

My holidays were spent home alone, that is with my three furry companions. Distractions would not do, no music, not even TV and my Mom's antique church sing-along book stayed stashed away unopened, not much singing came out of my mouth this season. Well, there is usually some humming,  mostly unintentional, these days more of the nature of 'We Will Overcome'.

I do not recommend spending holidays home alone, but neither do I recommend spending such in the folds of dysfunctional families. It's a no-win situation unless one feels loved before and after  the hoopla of holidays, so then the duration of such may be born with some confidence and some dignity.
With the start of a new year it seems time for a new survey. My inquiry in to your feelings about Obama (note my leaving out President on purpose, because I am mad and terribly disappointed in him) yielded a surprising 57% in his favor (out of 7 votes I should ad.) So, with my new poll I wonder how you feel about the year 2012? (Please vote in the poll to your right, multiple times if you wish.)

No fair to ask you without offering an answer myself, so simply stated I am worried. While I found hope in the Occupy movement I no longer wish to be associated with our local Occupy encampment and our local dysfunctional group that makes safety and communication not an absolute priority. Still I identify myself with the 99% and with those that demand change and those that object on moral grounds. The 99% has become a slogan, has become a useful synonym that begs less for exactitude, but more to bring attention to the fact that a small minority has been abusing their super powers for their own gain and on cost of real, live, hurting people. The specifics will become clearer. Locally, our progressives are busy bees preparing for this upcoming legislative session which starts January 17the and goes on for 30 days. I am prepared to occupy committee hearings, are you?

Beyond the legislature, this being an election year, I have a horror, first of all of so much money spent, basically to buy votes, basically invested away from people in need. Money Out Of Politics already, this is obscene! I loath the drivel of the ever same pundits dissecting every  manipulative statement every word, every move and gesture intended more to hide then reveal truth by those most uninspiring presidential candidates, analyzed at absurdum by the media. How anyone can even conceive of Gingrich as president is beyond me. Ron Paul has some redeeming qualities, his uncompromising authenticity rings true, his stand against military proliferation and against meddling in foreign affairs could win my favors, but look at  his position on women's rights, even over their own bodies, abominable. Huntsman holds appeal, but for the right I am told his Mormon roots are unacceptable. A Tea Party person considered the United States a Christian nation, why am I surprised? 

Thankfully my furry friends are blissfully unaware of all such goings-on. I might like to join them, but I am afraid that sticking our heads in to the sand, spacing out and pretending nothing really matters, will not be the responsible thing for any of us to practice.