Happy Easter

Not a golden egg,
but one fresh out of Oma's pet, a talking goose.
Food for thoughts
Eggs - Easter - Rebirth
And food for the dog.

Anand Naren - Oma

Equinox - Not All Things Are Equal

Today night and day time are about of equal of length.
Equal also seem my desires for a multitude of things that make life more convenient, pleasurable or beautiful. Meaning I have a hard time making up my mind, such as for a badly needed compact washer that will fit in to the closet and last, for decades I would hope, those trips to the laundromat just have got to stop. But then there is a long overdue upgrade from my Nikon D40, finally sent in to fix, if at all possible. From almost having bought an older, now outdated, but cheaper prosumer Nikon D90 I have graduated to studying the newest Nikon D7100. The choices are many and those compact mirrorless cameras are getting better and better and I am getting more and more confused. So last night I decided to take my old Olympus C-8080 out on a walk, with dogs always, under an overcast gray sky, thinking I ought to place this Olympus on Craig's list and sell it. The above shot I got makes me reconsider, aren't those tones just so luscious, I did no post-processing? While this Olympus is clunky and slow it has a great sensor, and is still a solid camera. I am not one to need the latest and greatest, but I do love quality.

So, strolling with dogs I happened to come upon this ornate, antique, Indian treasure chest and now I can not get it out of my mind. It is gorgeous and very well crafted with many compartments, something I tend to love, and no damages, only no key to lock this trunk, not a deal breaker for me.

This antique would pay for the washer I have had my eyes on, for a through check up on Isabella at the vet and would go a ways to fix what's wrong with my van. No doubt our public radio station would be happy to receive only part of the cost as donation and a former lover of mine supposedly starving, would benefit for many months. Ah 'wer die Wahl hat, hat die Qual' or the pain that comes with choices! Setting priorities is not my forte I am afraid.

Meanwhile first blossoms surprised us, out rather early for our high desert climate. 

Luscious Delicious Light

Last, long, glorious rays of sunlight illuminated parts of the train to Lamy stationed in downtown Santa Fe. It thrills me to discover beauty especially in what usually holds little interest for me personally, such as trains (here) or automobiles (below). Shot at that magic moment when the world turns radiant reflected in the light of the setting sun.

My best shot from March 11, 2013

Dodge 1941 Carcass

Until yesterday it had never occurred to me to point my camera from underneath up, 
in to the carcass of an antique automobile, a Dodge 1941 pickup truck, a classic, 
that now serves as shingle to our Sanbusco Market place in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Shot against the light of the setting sun, I am thrilled with the result.
I love, love, love to discover my everyday world anew looking through a lens.
Hooray, it made Explore on flickr!

My best shot, March 12th 2013

To Express, Or Not - Is My Question

On compassionate speech:

Is it true?

Is it kind?

Is it beneficial?

Is it necessary?

Is it the right time?

via Joan Halifax on facebook

Along those lines of considerations this blog is absolutely unnecessary. Truth told, I have wondered on what to post and not to post and where to draw the line. I remain uncertain and my posts have slowed down to a snail's pace, for now.

Land of Enchantment

My Best Shot, March 9th 2013

"We're asking every person who has spoken out against gun violence to go a step further and recruit more people to call for change. The best way to influence members of the committee is to call their offices as they prepare to vote and tell your story. It's okay if you don't live in the state of the senator you are calling—this is an issue that impacts all of us, and the most important thing is that we make as many calls as we can to the 18 members of the committee before the vote."