of choices, ruminating and fulminating

Finally I might be willing to settle with this 8th version of a header for this blog. I like it colorful and kinda fleeting, fuzzy, like my thinking.

I love the word ruminate, it has such a rich sound to it and of course reminds me of Rumi the poet and of my Dad scolding me on day dreaming, once again. Yeah, to rebellion with a cause. Yes, to dreaming and scheming, and yes to the expression of higher and lower self, the whole shebang.

Why bother to blog I wondered, why bother to express while barely anyone takes note much less responds? Expression - Repression are on one continuum to my mind. God-dess forbid I will not suffer symptoms of repression all too common. I will have to endure life style choices, but under the damning light of awareness, of knowing better. More on this, maybe, at a later time.

Back to ruminate, which goes so well with fulminate. And isn't there plenty to want to explode over?

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