Man in Nature

Man in Nature

I was out hunting for fall images and rather annoyed at people obstructing my view, until this man passed me by, I am a slow walker, especially up hill. I noticed how he blended in to the environment and realized a person might actually enhance my image.

But what happened to the singing? We always sang when out in the woods. My mom sang riding her bike, she never realized how far her voice actually carried, but when I hum to myself I get weird looks from strangers. I miss singing, casually, for the sheer fun of it. So looking at this image I find myself humming a song about a father, a wanderer and blood ties.

"Mein Vater war ein Wandersman und mir steckts auch im Blut, drum wandr ich froh, so lang ich kann und schwenke meinen Hut. Falleri, fallera, falleri, fallera - ha -ha -ha -ha -ha, falleri ..."

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