Excitement Of One Afternoon

Enough excitement for one afternoon. Yesterday, about 3 p.m. the sound of one helicopter that hovered over our heads, circled over and over, alerted me to the breaking news of the day. A meth lab suspected in my 'hood, in a lot just adjacent to ours!
Eyewitness news parked right in our driveway, next to my van. Nice guys, with very nice equipment.
An offensive odor had caused some folks to call 911. 
Two officers had to be brought to the hospital 
for symptoms of headaches and stomach upsets
after they had entered the premises. 
Two people, a man and a woman, were held for questioning. 
One dog was taken from the home.
The area was off limits until about 9 p.m..
Police, firemen with their red truck, reporters
even one Red Cross disaster relief person mingled.
False Alarm!
The chemicals were intended for home renovations.
Thank God-dess!
Damn, as a community we pride ourselves for our greening life style. What were my neighbors thinking bringing home such toxic maters? A lot away, down wind, I stood for about 10 minutes as I tried to learn more from those directly involved as I started to feel nauseous unexpectedly. There are alternatives to toxic materials, albeit usually a lot more expensive. Still a lot more education needed to make our community and the world at large a safer place. Follow up on this story in The New Mexican or Eyewitness News KOB TV.

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