Mister Fuchs

Mr Fuchs (he does not mind my using a Germanic version of his real name) was about to have his morning coffee on the plaza in the company of his two Pitbulls. In danger of getting entangled, the sight of them all made me laugh out loud, hard. I had to exert serious control to keep my hands steady enough to take this shot.

Of course I too was in the company of two dogs.  This would usually necessitate plenty of respectful space between us. That one Pitbull puppy of his was still rambunctious and could do serious damage potentially to my terrier pups. In fact Mr. Fuchs did fall off his bike because he had lost control of his dog. I believe he broke his collar bone and carried his arm in a sling for a good long while.

Mr. Fuchs, despite, or is it because of his disheveled look, is a gallery owner and the editor of the Santa Fe Sun News. As an activist he worked tirelessly on a legislative change that would have banned the artificial sweetener Aspartame. We met while I played secretary to two House Representatives. Mr. Fuchs was committed to try his best to push his bill through the legislative process. It made it down to the floor on the very last day of that legislative session only to be obstructed by Republicans that refused to yield the floor so as to halt further legislation and I suppose further potential spending on any and all bills. It was very disappointing to have come so far thanks to Mr. Fuchs unrelenting pursuit and then fail due to obstructionism of the minority party. What a waste of taxpayers money! 

While no doubt many resented Mr. Fuchs' pushiness, I could not help but admire his drive, his scheming and last minute interventions. his commitment. Aspartame is a very toxic substance I would have happily seen banned in our state. I needed no special convincing, I have been long enough in the field of health and wellness to know. Meeting Mr. Fuchs after we had shed our roles at the legislature was always a cause of some wonder and amazement to me. Maybe a bit like the peeling of an onion, the shedding of roles reveal different aspects of ourselves to one another. There is always more to us then what meets the eye at first sight.

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