May Day Santa Fe Style

Occupy Santa Fe organized an event at our Railyard park for noon on May 1. followed by a General Assembly beginning at 2 p.m. May 1. a day without the 99%, a day of no work, no shopping, no school, no banking and no chores. Bring your family, friends, bring a picnic or share in food offered at this community building event.
Tania, our dedicated activist, rehabilitation facilitator and mother of a computer wiz kid had gotten there a bit early, all organized and ready for a serious picnic that included cheese and meat, with a brand new role of paper towels in easy reach. Later she would be facilitating the General Assembly seated in one of those little chairs. The woman brings such grace and enthusiasm to our community of activists.
 Occupy The Moment
Santa Fe, The City Different, in The Land of Enchantment, home of various mediation groups that have attempted to raise our awareness toward oneness and away from duality, which includes the 99% versus 1%, with some calling on the 100%. Mats invited folks to join in a meditative approach to activism.
During Occupy Santa Fe General Assembly our civil rights lawyer shared on one working group's initiative to urge our City Council with petitions and presentations to pledge a stance against a war in Iran. The raised hands signal support and agreement from GA participants.
WeArePeopleHere! has endorsed the Tuesday May 1 People's General Strike. We encourage you to join the strike in protest against a government and an economy that unjustly favors the super wealthy and big business at the expense of the American people. We are joining the strike to build solidarity for a national movement against the corruption of the worldwide marketplace, which has led to illegal foreclosures, mass unemployment, low wages and government policies that support the plutocracy.
 Passionate Performer
Captivated Audience
Cuddle Companions
Blessed with smiling cops, 
Occupy Santa Fe has enjoyed leniency from our public servants.
Only one cop checked in on our May Day event.
The day passed without any incident.
No violence.
Non-Violent Training 
for free
was on the agenda the very next day. 
(Tania's T-Shirt)

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