These days I may act adult most often when I take out my pups for a walk despite my really, really not feeling like it, which may not be just a  simple matter of risking my life when walking on snow and ice attached to two exuberant pups. Being known as the "Dog Lady" because I am seen all around downtown with my 'terrible terriers' (nah, they are good doggies) I ought to take that label as a compliment, rather then an insult, as there are too many times to count that I would much rather hole up at home, then venture out.

Ingesting a spread of tofu/tahini/miso with mixed in greens like parsley and watercress (and of course added sprinkles of ginger, black pepper, cayenne, plus tumeric of late) on rye crackers or rice cakes, instead of coffee ice cream, makes me feel terribly virtuous and adult too. For over one month now I have been avoiding fresh baked breads including tortillas, along with most dairy products, but not all. Birthdays deserve to be celebrated with ice cream for however long the glow might last. Degustations, such as those Whole Foods samples of super expensive cheeses don't count, freely acquired calories never add up to anything, ever.

I seemed wise to my clients when I was able to comprehend and formulate hidden aspects of their psychological make up and coax along the integration of such 'issues in the tissues'. But really one can not claim the wisdom of an organism ones own.

For more on matters of maturity please check Friko's Living Like A Grown Up and find the original post of that same title here.

Now I do think the world could use more inspiration from the elderly, so let me share that my almost next door neighbor, a woman in her mid-seventies, announced to me only yesterday her eminent marriage to her college sweetheart. This same woman, only a few years ago when she was the ripe age of 72,  impressed me with her one-woman show of her own written material. While she touched me with her stories, she literally glowed on stage with her presence. She performed like a pro despite it having been her very first time ever to stand in front of an audience.
Meanwhile, my middle aged buddy expressed great relief when he discovered some gray in the nether region of his new love interest. They had been out celebrating his birthday while they had not yet shared their vital statistics and he was worried the age gap may prove just a bit  too much for her to bear. Proof of their acting like adults is their having dated for two months, but having abstained from going all the way.

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