Moved To Tears

Roxanne Swentzell created this urn
in loving memory of her father-in-law.
Closed eye hugging of an urn
- such intensity of feeling!
I was reminded of the burials of my parents.
I was the one that placed my Dad's urn 
in to my Mom's grave.

This image expresses my feelings poignantly
All options of burial seem utterly unappealing.
Cremation certainly works against the Catholic belief
of the dead arising on judgment day. 
My Mom, bless her soul, 
was convinced she would need her body
come Judgment Day.

Disbursal of the remains in to the air,
like my friend who scattered her mother's ashes
across her land,
only for those ashes to descend
and to settle as dust on her furniture
- very unappealing.

Disbursal of the remains in to the ocean,
so the fish will ingest the loved one
while we get to eat the fish
- very unappealing.

Collecting the remains in an urn
to be cherished by loved ones
-  almost ideal.

For me personally though,
the last to remain of our lineage,
the epitome of our evolutionary line,
of our particular gene pool,
this will not be an option.

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