Our Valentine - Our Pretty Kitty

7 years ago this Pretty Kitty was our Valentine's surprise. In search of a new home he ended up with a neighbor allergic to cats. A sudden invasion of mice had made me rather amenable to offering temporary refuge to such a pretty kitty, especially with a snow storm in the forecast (that never materialized.) He earned his life long keep with us having dispersed those mice in 3 days only. They all fled over to a neighbor I was told later. Thankfully I had to never encounter evidence of any carnage, relief as I am terrified of mice, dead or alive. This had been a first and an only time any were ever in my home. We did discover the owner and agreed for us to give the cat a temporary home. When the time came our Pretty Kitty made it plenty clear that he was going nowhere. He had chosen, no doubt, my pups a s his companions, as his pack!

Saemi the cat was lusting after Sumo the little dog.

Sumo would have none of it.

Much thicker skinned Isabella knew
a bit of tail has not yet hurt anyone.

Our 'Mucho-Macho-Lover-Boy' is very independent, comes and goes as he pleases, is responsive when he wants to be and leaves me free of guilt, knowing he has a good, largely self-directed life with plenty of stimulation and choices and without too much dependence on his human.

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us!
May this day bring you many blessings,
much love, light and especially laughter.

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