No doubt in my mind that there is nobody with more experience, with more expertise and with more capabilities to fit the job description of president for the current two-party system of the United States. Yet this choice stinks and does not offer us the choice of a progressive agenda so badly needed.

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Hillary represents the 1%. She has not driven a car by herself in more then 20 years. She is on the boards of Walmart and Monsanto from whom she accepts exorbitant speaking fees. The Clinton campaign aims to raise $2.5 billion, obscene! Yet we live in a Koch-dominated area. Hawkish, I assume is Hillary's attempt to prove her manliness, her capability of staying strong on national security where she has advocated for war time and again.

"So, while I understand that Hillary Clinton isn't everyone's cup of tea, I can promise you this much - she's a hell of a lot better then any Republican alternative. So to all of you liberals who loathe her and feel that voting for her would be "selling out," do you really want a Republican president potentially replacing four Supreme Court Justices?" Allen Clifton, forwardprogressives.com

I agree with Clifton, it is too late in the game for a third party candidate to come in and make an entry and have an impact. Elizabeth Warren is not running and Bernie Sanders is not electable. Both should be left best to serve in their roles as senators.

The lesser of two evils is a term I object to on grounds that it reinforces religious symbolism I do not adhere to and do not approve of and wish we would no longer use. It is not just a figure of speech, but an outdated and inappropriate expression that reinforces christian fairytales of heaven and hell - and evil. There is a world that separates Hillary from her Republican nominees, even though both parties are under corporate, for profit control and dominance. It will be the greatest task for the American people to liberate themselves from the current corporate strong hold. One presidential election will not be enough.

Lots I do not know about this woman. "During her second year in law school, Hillary Clinton volunteered at Yale's Child Study Center, learning about new research on early childhood brain development, as well as New Haven Hospital, where she took on class of child abuse and the city Legal Services, providing free legal service to the poor. Upon graduation from law school, she served as a staff attorney for the Children's Defense Fund in Cambridge, Massachusetts." - npr.org

"Well as someone close to me once said, "I'm probably the most famous person you don't really know," Clinton told NBC in 2007

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Now is the time for women to speak out loud and clear about what we value, what we envision, what we support and what we will not stand for! This is no time for silence, for standing on the side lines, for disengagement. This could be the time for women especially to be heard and to make an impact. Woman could and should demand from the Democratic party to grow some balls and change from the party of meek to the party of the people, the party that knows how to take bold steps. Let's demand from us and from Hillary to be bold and reach for those big ideas that will serve the people rather then the profits of big corporations!


  1. Hilary would not be my first choice as I find her not liberal enough, but then as per the quote from Clifton, what is the alternative? no Republican would suit me. I feel like they are all empty suits, more like puppets being played by lobbyists. Living in the South it is hard to watch people around me who will vote for the most conservative Republican even against their own interests – and they all hate Hilary even before listening to anything she says or stands for.

  2. Progressives are very critical of Hilary and may just not show up to vote given no alternative and that is my fear and is what inspired this post. Despite both parties being in the pockets of corporate interests, there is and will be a world of difference if any Republican versus Hilary will get the job. John Oliver's IRS piece highlights a tiny piece of it in his hilarious ways, only the other day. Thanks for reading and especially for commenting Vagabonde.