Poly-Ticks = Multitude of Bloodsuckers

War Is Asinine

Watching Ray busking in his regular spot at our farmers market this Saturday morning blowing up his balloons for the kids, chatting in between, I realized Ray has all these great one-liners, he ought to entertain not only kids, but us adults. I would love to watch Ray on his own soap box spout his wisdom among plenty of laughter. To my surprise I learned that he used to be a stand-up comedian, wow, who knew!

We have become too politically correct, hence the rise of Trump. Let us all let out our own inner, little Trump. Let us all be bolder, more audacious, and a whole lot more passionate. It would be refreshing to hear real people again expressing their views with vigor and preferably lots of laughter. Let us all do our part in expressing ourselves with less caution so that the real Trump may fade away, at the very least disappear from public view and especially the US political scene.

This is how David Bedrick, Author of "Talking Back to Dr. Phil" put it: "

* Do you sometimes feel like the system is just not working? 

* Do you ever think that you have censored yourself too long and you would love to just let whatever you think and feel just flow freely out of your mouth? 
* Do you sense, at times, that you really know better than a lot of what passes for policy, politics, healing and more?

I have. If you have too, then we have a little "Donald Trump" in us. 
No, I don't mean literally - you need not be a racist, sexist, ego-maniac to join the club. "

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