Sean Penn On El Capo

My first thought on hearing about the second escape of El Capo via a one mile tunnel was that this man's life should be made in to a movie. 
Sean Penn would have to be perfect in the lead role!

I read the whole long darn thing and I am not sure what to make of it all. Sean was preoccupied, understandably, with the integrity of his own body, hence references to his taking a piss, holding his dick and letting out a fart. The man does have balls to venture out in to such unknown territories. 

Sean found a loving family man that likes to think of himself as normal in the ruthless head of a hideous organization. Scary how extreme violence and normalcy can mix. Not surprising the head of the worlds largest drug supply organization believes himself innocent of blame for drug addiction. While demand does fuel supply, innocence is nowhere in sight! Should be no surprise that god too is in the picture. El Capo is supposedly charismatic, hard to notice though in the pics. El Capo, an older man, possibly interested in the legacy he leaves behind? Is it vanity that led to his downfall?

So what does it all mean? Was Sean Penn really responsible for the capture of El Capo? Is Sean's life now in danger? Was this legal? Is this a good, or a very bad article? I have no idea. Surely the timing of Sean Penn's account coming out in Rolling Stone the day of his 5th Haiti fund raiser must have been a great publicity stunt. 

Meanwhile Mexico's economic situation stays the same, impossible, as El Capo said, for men to make a living so they resort to crime or to seeking their luck elsewhere, hence illegal immigration. Why not decriminalize cannabis here in the US and in Mexico? Start the process of breaking down the illegal cultivation and the illegal trade of dope. Make Marijuana legal, the war on drugs has not worked and is not working. One side effect might likely be an increase in availability of hemp clothing with lower prices! I love wearing hemp.

For some added fun check out this post in The New Yorker by the always funny Andy Borowitz that got picked up as real news and retracted here.

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