With Sumo @ Our Dog Park

With Sumo at the dog park on our first visit this year.

We were both in need of a lift in mood, so I gave Sumo a lift on our scooter across our busiest road on a busy Friday afternoon to our nearby open space, the only near downtown area where dogs are legally allowed off lead. Sumo behaved exemplary, stayed in his open crate across heavy traffic on a busy Friday afternoon. He does love our outings. Sumo to my relief remembered his social graces at the dog park. He allowed packs of dogs to check him out without objections and let huge dogs lumber over him, something he is not too fond of, but tolerated. We encountered quiet a few little dogs which used to be rather rare, but the times they are changing. Santa Feans these days choose all kinds of dogs besides the ever popular Chihuahuas, Pitbulls and Cattle dogs and  mutts of unspecified breeds. 

Later, when we walked our 'hood with Isabella, Sumo responded to Isabella's tease with joyful mock attacks that entailed 90 degree in air body flips that brought the smile back on my face.

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