Sumo's ears after today's spa treatment will no longer float in his food bowl. His ears got a trim for the first time from me in his 10 years of being alive. 


  1. his ears or the fur on his ears?
    you surely didn’t snip his ears back?

  2. Technically the hair on his ears as Sumo is a Yorkie mix and his hair just keeps on growing, right in to the bowl and would probably grow down to the ground. A lot of snipping away of that lovely silk stuff. Until last month it had never occurred to me to trim his ears or tail. I just always left those alone, in part because I find it tricky to get where they start and what to include or not. Poor guy had to endure my 'schnibbling' for almost 10 years, else he would look a whole lot cuter, no doubt. Thanks for looking in Friko, I tried to leave a comment on your last post and have been thinking of you and surely wish you and yours well. You are in my heart.