On our walk to our park early this morning, I noticed a woman clad in turquoise turn away and leave a free library box painted in like turquoise tone. Curious of course, I had to stop and check and lo and behold look what I found, two books authored by our own local writer, teacher and blogger Miriam Sagan! I could not resist, I nabbed one, Gossip, filled with essays appropriate for my current attention span. 

I used to be a voracious reader, surely must have read more books then anyone in any of my classes, but these days with eyes troubled when having to focus, not to speak of the mind, reading books has become more a chore, many near my bed not read, yet. I managed to have read already about flirting and middle aged love in Gossip. My solemn intent is to return Gossip to our free library soon along with some of my books in need of being held in new hands and appreciated by curious minds.

Repurposed dispense boxes of periodicals now defunct make for great Little Free Libraries.

Love free, love books, love the spirit of generosity and adventure.

For the month of July, Miriam Sagan invites submissions to her blog on the theme of LETTER TO MY YOUNGER SELF
True to form, I am ruminating on the above.

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