Shelter With Sky - Don Kennell

Shelter With Sky is Don Kennell's most recent art project on exhibit currently in the Santa Fe Railyard for the benefit of the Santa Fe Animal Shelter.

"Sculptor Don Kennell created this piece to remind us that homeless animals have a special place in our community." 

"Pieces of metal have been shaped, banged and welded into dogs and cats vying for your attention, including details of tiny welds of "hair." Viewers were encouraged to grab sticks of chalk and "sign" the pavement around the installation with the names of their beloved pets, past and present. This piece showcases dogs and cats of various shapes and sizes, representing the many pets waiting for a forever home at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter." Railyard Park Conservancy

You can make a donation to support the Santa Fe Animal Shelter as well! More then $34,000 have been raised so far.

I like to add that I adopted my Isabella-girl from our animal shelter on October 23. 2006. We will soon be celebrating 10 years together. I can only rave of the quality of shelter that our community can now boast of. The aim is to be a no-kill shelter. The place is clean, spacious and welcoming with individual cubicles for each dog, lots of volunteers and plenty of outdoor space for walks including 3 publicly available big and enclosed dog parks.

The adjacent clinic has done wonders over the last 3 years for Isabella as they discovered her thyroid imbalance and offered her excellent care on an affordable sliding scale. I am so grateful to this institution, our Santa Fe Animal Shelter for which I have nothing but praise and appreciation.

Gratitude to the amazing artist and human being Don Kennell who charmed our community earlier with his Yard Dog, later his Blue Gorilla commissioned by a zoo to shed light on the plight of those magnificent animals, then his most charming, gigantic Coyote which found a permanent home sadly on the other side of town to our chagrin,  but everyone else's delight. Don lends his tremendous talent to so many worthy causes, while I delight in observing the reactions of the public to his gigantic works of art. A statement on the powerful effects of good works of art in public places!

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