What Will It Take To Stop The Maddness?

Words fail me, we live in outrageous times. The Liar-in-Chief seems intent on dismantling our system in blatant disregard of existing laws and common decency. Tomorrow former FBI director James Comey will testify to the Senate Intelligence Committee, today he offered his prepared statement. Obstruction of justice in regard to Flynn seems obvious. Liar-in-Chief on tv denied having made such requests. Nope, there is no contest as far as statements go from our Liar-in-Chief or from our former FBI director. One I trust, at least in what he says, maybe not in what he may withhold, the other deserves no trust of any kind, none, his lies are so obvious and easily refuted. James Comey likes to present himself as non-partisan, yet, he withheld the ongoing investigations into the Trump campaign, but not into Clinton's. But Republicans think Comey obstructed justice when he claimed there was no criminal intent and let her off the hook, they are furious with the man. Democrats, of course, believe Comey cost Hillary Clinton the presidency. I believe Don-the-Con has no business occupying the White House. 

This privileged childish, immature, malignant narcissist believes the world should rotate around him. Until now he has gotten away with surfing the edge of legality, but as a public servant the rules have changed and the Con has been slow to catch on. Rachel Maddow has illuminated for us some of the shady finanical ties that criss-cross the globe and likely involve extensive money laundering schemes. Every day would be a good day for Don-the-Con to reveal his taxes like every other President has done before him, but no such luck.

Without his willingness to reveal potential conflicts of interest of his business interests around the globe to the interests of the United States, while having attempted interferences with investigations certainly in regard to Flynn, but likely in regard to Russian interference in the elections, this guy currently in charge of the nuclear button lacks legitimacy. What more will it take to stop this madness? I share Keith Olbermann's outrage:

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