Pretty Kirsten - Pretty Kitty

Kirsten-Kitty VI
Pretty Kirsten, who rented my home during my 6 years of living in California, visited town and stayed with us last night. Exhausted from a full day, maybe overcome with emotions, she rested on our new futon couch, hugged the Pretty Kitty, while Sumo insisted on inclusiveness and being part of the action. It was a sweet moment that I hope comes through in this manipulated image. 

This morning Kirsten tried to visit her old stomping/stamping/jumping grounds, Saturday's Afro-Haitian dance class, a weekly ritual we had both adhered to almost religiously over a number of years, but instead she had felt the need to turn away because tears streamed down her face. This girl gets emotional every time she is in town and every time she recalls the good times she had here in the City Different. 

It is nice to know how much she appreciated then, and still appreciates  now, not just Santa Fe, but also my sanctuary, my haven, my home that had suited her perfectly then, and  still delighted her these days. Actually Kirsten threatened me with serious repercussions if I dare change some of her favorite features. It's nice to be friends with what used to be my renter. It is sweet to welcome a guest in to our abode. Sumo agreed, and had no trouble deserting me for a night in favor of not leaving Kirsten's side, literally, with his butt pressed against her side, all night long. 

Finally, after all these years I learned that pretty Kirsten is a celebrity for whom some folks will stand and wait in long lines so as to gather an autograph of hers!

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