Sumo's Birthday

TJ spending an afternoon

Sumo on his first visit with us when he was only 1 1/2 years old. Tomorrow he will be 5, time flies.

The celebration started with a nice long bike ride this morning. He raced ahead as usual, and made it a challenge to keep him on my side.  I figure it is his nature, he is a natural athlete and needs that forging ahead, expending his energy, exploring new places.

Sumo 1 Year Anniversary

For a treat I got my furry ones Sardines in oil, as Sumo can use the extra energy from the oil, while Isabella is more in danger of putting on the pounds and looking suddenly round. The Pretty Kitty snubbed the offer, no sense in arguing about likes or love and hate. Tomorrow there will be an extra large helping of chicken and something special I will figure out to do with just me and my Sumo-boy, likely by bike.
1 Year with SUMO!

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