Water Tower
One of my first captures (original) with my new camera, a point and shoot Panasonic Lumix.

I so missed having a camera along on my daily outings with my pups. So I splurged and got myself this one on sale for a reasonable price on line. I am hoping to experience the difference to my one Nikon D40 and two Olympus Stylus, all in need of fixing. I must say I really like to have a little point and shoot in hand at all times. The convenience to me is well worth the lack of quality compared say to my Nikon, one of the smallest DSLR cameras, but still bulky to carry around everywhere. 

As I captured the above image a young guy watched me and wondered why I was playing tourist. He mentioned the addictive quality of owning a camera and seemed to treasure his new found freedom engaged in life again more directly, rather then through a lens. I though love how the lens opens my eyes for everyday beauty that otherwise likely might have escaped me. Here I captured the last rays of the sun just in time as it was sparkling up there on our water tower, an important green feature in our new and greatly improved Railyard. The tower is to collect the roof run-off to be pumped up to the park and community gardens. In ideal light circumstances this camera seems to be quiet capable. 

But it has some quirks I will need to get used to. Every new tool or toy sets the bar higher on one's learning curve. Today's images somehow show a weird yellowish tone that makes the sky look turquoise and the earth orange? I told my 87 year old friend today, and now tell myself and tell you that this idea that we, often women, have no technical sense is a myth, a story we tell ourselves, but one not to be believed! Mostly it takes a willingness to learn, to breath and to engage.

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