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I have missed our dog park (the best) so badly, I was longingly looking through old photos this morning when I finally gathered myself and my pups and headed over there by bike. The van worries me in sputtering protest on being driven with red lights flashing it is too unnerving to  tolerate, and fixing is not an option for now. I hate crossing that main drag, but Sunday's traffic is light and we managed without falling victim to any of the many of crazy drivers we allow back on the streets.  (Yes New Mexico made headlines recently with one guy having more then 20 DWI and still he had a drivers license and still he harmed others.)

My pups were overjoyed when we finally made it back, first time since Christmas, when so often we would go there even twice a day. So I want to share with you some of the delight this favorite space of ours holds for us.
This is the only space in town, near downtown where dogs are allowed to be off lead. They get ecstatic while I just love that wide open space with the ever changing light and incredible spectacles as weather patterns move across.
The upper trail passes by my 'dream home' mainly because it is right adjacent to the dog park and has a grand view through huge windows to the south, perfect for passive solar gain (low utilities.)
We are afforded a lovely view over to the tail end of the Sangre de Christo here with Mount Baldy still covered in snow in late Spring. Isabella is checking on me only to pounce on Sumo in another second.
American culture is a fantastic mix of awesome vistas, open spaces, incredible nature, like here unmolested, ancient dry river beds and - plastic chairs. Those tend to tumble about in the heavy winds, but we are grateful for opportunities to sit and enjoy the glory.
The ever changing moody sky holds our fascination, while the dry, barren landscape holds plenty surprises as regards colors, shapes and variety.
Even pebbles look great in that golden light, minutes before the sun will set. 
Not to mention my pups, Isabella-girl and Sumo-boy.
Of course the dog park is not all about open gorgeous spaces and views, but play. 
This cute little pug is actually who we came upon today just about 1 1/2 years after I took this image below. Small dogs certainly can have fun at a large dog park. This little tiny one is the cutest Chihuahua/Poodle mix and not at all afraid or in danger here, just being properly submissive giving his size.

Thankfully there are others willing to throw a ball and have my pups compete for running after and catching it. Ball throwing just has not been my thing since my early teens.
For Willa the ball has sadly become something of an obsession, my Isabella-girl does not even care to compete as she does not seem to see the point; a lot more fun going after a real live toy, like our Sumo-boy. Nothing to her can compare with harassing Sumo.
Most often I can not leave until the very last bit of light has disappeared as the sunset spectacle is just too glorious to abandon. I will though keep especially my little guy, Sumo, close by as owls are known to be able to swoop down to pick up little dogs and carry them through the air, a very scary idea and an experience I would not want for anyone, least of all Sumo. At such times Coyotes too are never far, but I have not heard of any calamities at our dog park proper, although I have heard them Coyotes howl.

Thanks to the toxic dump (Methane under ground) we now have this spectacular dog park or else it would no doubt be another subdivision with tightly clustered homes leading to more congested roads. Instead we got the greatest open space, close to downtown for people and pets. I hope you  too have a great space available to you. And I hope that you visit often, even without a dog of your own. Most dogs, like people, love attention. While I heard objections from others to show up without a pet, that seems silly to me and totally unwarranted. Nature is to be enjoyed by us all. 

God-dess bless and protect the wide open spaces of America and the Whole Wide World.

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