Silver Lining

Is there a  silver lining?
What good may come from those terrible fires?

For over one whole month the fires have devastated glorious open lands of the Southwest, including one of New Mexico's most sacred American Indian outdoor museums, Bandelier National Park. The nearby Santa Clara Pueblo, known for it's tradition in exquisite pottery, lost homes and experienced truly devastating damage to it's watershed. To date the Conchas fire has grown to 136,955 acres, currently contained 40%. We must all be grateful to those that put their lives on the line to fight those fires for the good of us all. I can not imagine the hell of such intense heat and smoke at the fire's edge. It is bad at a distance of 60 miles. I dare not complain about my inability to sleep, night after night, due to the thickness of smoke, the dryness of the indoor air, the inability to air out and cool down.

This too shall pass, the land will reseed some, monsoon rains in the forecast will dampen the fires, maybe as soon as this upcoming weekend.

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