Magic Does Happen

Opportunities can arise so unexpectedly, I need reminders. Last night I was able to attend a public event, a lecture and panel discussion of interest, simply because I had whiled for an extended moment on an inviting bench outside the independent bookstore across from my home. Mind you I often visit this cozy alternative bookstore, but rarely have I ever sat outside it. Well, a woman joined me, we got to talking, to giggling, to sharing little intimacies, personal tidbits, and finally to exchange numbers. Few days later I was unexpectedly invited, by that very same woman, to a public event that commanded a great turn out of our alternative minded community. Among folks I had not seen in ages, I enjoyed myself tremendously. Magic happens, most often unexpectedly. If it can happen in one arena, it can happen in another. I want to keep an open mind - and heart as regards my next steps in to my future. The world can change at a moment's notice. Doors may appear to open suddenly when they may have been  available to us all along. We live in a multi-faceted, exciting universe that pulsates with possibilities. Trick is to keep eyes, hearts and minds open and available to the opportunities.

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