Post Ecliptic Dream

Wide awake at 3:45 a.m., just at the start of the lunar eclipse, I watched the event some on-line until sleep beckoned again. That is when I dreamed of teasing one tiny, pink, giggly mouse, by rolling it across my bed. Delighted this little creature, on it's back, pink paws extended, cute little belly exposed, seemed to giggle and laugh it's head off, just like my Sumo-boy might. 

Is my subconscious inviting me to lighten up? Mind you I am scared of mice and outside of my dreams I would never attempt to join any one of them in play. No doubt those lovers of rodents and all things alive will judge me lacking in one of life's major source of enjoyments. I woke not light, but heavy hearted, and the mood seems to want to persist.

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