Girl Plays Deep Blue Guitar

 A Singer/Songwriter
 the girl sings hauntingly beautiful songs
 this evening
 on the Santa Fe plaza.
A tune beyond us as we are,
Yet nothing changed by the blue guitar;
Ourselves in the tune as if in space,
Yet nothing changed, except the place
Of things as they are and only the place
As you play them, on the blue guitar,
Placed, so, beyond the compass of change,
Perceived in a final atmosphere;
For a moment final, in the way
The thinking of art seems final when
The thinking of god is smoky dew.
The tune is space. The blue guitar
Becomes the place of things as they are,
A composing of senses of the guitar.
-- The Man with the Blue Guitar, Wallace Stevens
Contributed by cunningba on flickr 


  1. Is there really a guitar of this colour?
    I wish I could hear the boy and girl sing, he doesn't seem altogether certain that she wants him there.

  2. Hi,
    I thought I had been your follower for a long time; what happened? Have you deleted a blog?

    1. Hi Friko, I am not sure what you are referring to? I did delete several months ago my first blog, a prior version of this one. Blogger made some changes that maybe affect you that I am not aware of? In any case it is always nice to know you stopped by and I really appreciate your comments. I believe the guy asked to play with the girl and so may have not been too sure of his standing. Her music sounded very uniquely her own and she did say that she composed and sang her own songs. They are lovely I think.