Spinning Heads

4 year old spins on his head.
My head spins on credit cards
- metaphorically speaking.


  1. Both ways of spinning are equally painful, but the credit card spin is probably just a bit harder

  2. This little guy was a very enthusiastic break dancer, part of a family that has been performing on our plaza for the last few years to great enthusiasm. Here they were just showing up at outside our Farmers Market last Saturday. The kid had his fourth birthday the day prior and celebrated with tons of new Lego.

    My spinning is not yet too painful with 0% interest on yet another card, as long as I can juggle and keep things straight in my head, now that is a challenge to an aging brain.

    Thanks for looking in Friko. I still can not comment on your blog post, but can on others. May it be related to blogline? I did not renew when they changed. Your comment box appears for a second and then is gone for me?