Bernie Sanders - The Man

Bernie Sanders announced, barely, that he did decide to run for the US presidential elections and within days I was down at our county clerk's office to affiliate myself back with the Democrats, so I too can have a vote in the upcoming primaries. Not fair that third party voters pay for primaries with their taxes, but are given no ballots! I want to vote for Bernie. Shocking since I am a woman not far from Hilary Clinton's age, yet I have not a moment of hesitation as to whom I would vote for. Yes, the idea of a woman in power, a woman for US President, would surely break one hell of a glass ceiling. But Bernie is my man, he speaks and he acts and he votes in ways that make my heart glad.

I feel relief that finally one lawmaker gets it (except on the Israel/Palestine conflict, I must admit.) So here is Bernie talking to Alan with more to come, no doubt, because here we have another man worth listening to and worth spreading his outrage, which really should be our outrage that we all ought to feel and express, if we are not asleep, but pay attention.

I am certain we can come up with a 12th step and then some.

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