Snow - Middle Of May!

A sudden snow storm surprised us in downtown Santa Fe on May 16th.


  1. Suenosdeuomi - I haven’t had the privilege of following your ruminations for a long time.
    Have you replaced ruminating with photography? I must say, your pictures are extremely good.

    I actually looked up Santa Fe on the US map - I thought you’d be far too southern to have snow at any time.
    Ah well, just goes to show how wrong one can be.

    It’s nice to hear from you again occasionally, I hope all is well with you.

  2. Thanks for looking in Friko. My ideal is a balance of my photos with my text, but of late I have been a bit discouraged with blogging. I have been posting my photos since before 2009, but technical advances, changes of computers and browsers made choice of format and ease of blogging somewhat rather daunting.

    As regards snow in May in Santa Fe, well, while we are south we are up, way up 7,000 feet where extreme weather is not uncommon, but seems to have gotten worse, which many will attribute to climate change.

    I have been following your blog all along and will continue to do so, if I manage to comment or not, please keep it up Friko.