Planned Parenthood Under Continued Attack

Republican presidential hopeful Mark Rubio calls for the defunding of Planned Parenthood, asks us to stand with life.

I personally benefited from low-cost health care graciously performed by Planned Parenthood (no abortions involved ever, but affordable breast and cervical cancer screenings.) I stand for the affordable care Planned Parenthood has offered for decades to women in need. I stand with Planned Parenthood in giving women choices as regards their own bodies. I stand with Planned Parenthood in support of modern women, from women to women. I do not support the trumped up charges and attacks by supposedly god-fearing, christian men that are willing to defend an unborn fetus, but do not care to support a mother with child with proper benefits and child care options. I oppose men that believe firing a woman from her job because she got pregnant could ever be fair and called for. I oppose men that profess to choose life, but are all too eager to send sons (not their own, but those especially from low income households) in to wars and harms way. I want to thank Planned Parenthood for the care I personally received. Don't let christian men that are ancient history take modern women back in time, don't let those men that should have no say in public policy making take away women's care and women's most important choices. I ask you to stand with Planned Parenthood, sign this petition.

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