Green Coyote - Art In The Park

Green Coyote by artist Don Kennell, the newest work of public art on display at Santa Fe's Railyard park.

Approaching this strange, gigantic creatures, my pups were about to launch in to a serious bark attack.

This has got to be the cutest, most adorable gigantic coyote there is!

Not sure my pups, Isabella and Sumo would agree.

Yep, Don's work of art creates quiet a stir and grabs the attention of most anyone passing by, here two guys with one 33 year old parrot. 
Next, coyote with passing Rail Runner train, yeah!

This coyote has different colored, green and blue, brilliant, bright eyes created by the amazing artist Mitchell Berg.

Art in public spaces can really affect the community positively I was able to observed this myself. 

Don Kennell's Yard Dog staring from the park across one of our busiest streets over toward Whole Foods, really attracted people to it and the area. Kids would sway on the swing, families would have their picnics nearby, tourists would take each other's pictures with the sculpture, occasionally I would lend a helping hand. I felt a real loss when that work of art was taken down November 2012. Folks no longer gravitated to that area in the park. So, my surprise and joy was all the greater when I discovered this Green Coyote. I might add that real live coyotes have been sighted right near this spot as they like to travel along water ways such as the nearby Acequia Madre (Mother Ditch.) During Occupy, the longest occupation by a camp of a public space that started in fall of 2011, protesters made it a point to feed those real coyotes! At my first spotting of the Green Coyote a sweet young couple had taken refuge underneath it. This capture will linger in my mind only as I had ventured out  without camera, fearing, no expecting, and here in the high desert southwest truly welcoming more rain. I sure look forward to more photo ops with this most delightful, gigantic creature.
Well done, Don Kennell, thank you!

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