Angelina Josephina

Angelina Josephina 

There is great beauty to be found
in those that hold a God or Goddess,
a Higher - or as I prefer a Lower Power
near and dear.

But it may be time to show more of our outrage
over 'religilous' hypocrisy.

I have never felt a need to explain or defend
my religious beliefs, or lack thereof,
nor have I felt a need to attack or ridicule others
in regard to their faith,
except when it concerns outright hypocrisy.

My Mom was a devout Catholic, 
believer in the bearded old guy up in heaven.
Ever since 4th grade,
when we learned that the earth was round
that really there was no up or down,
to look up to God in heaven
had become utter nonsense.

I did not have the heart though 
to debate such matters with my Mom. 
After all Mom gave credit to Mother Mary 
to have gotten her through WW II alive. 

Whatever gets us through,
stick or stones,
gods or bones,
was, is and will be good enough for me.

 I have great admiration
for those that seek to follow the will of their god, 
for those that are willing to lay their egos aside,
for those that seek thy will be done - not mine,
for those that offer their lives in service to their god.

Alas, it is a slippery slope.
never fails to grab me.

A scheme is not a vision 
and you never have been tempted 
by a demon or a god.

Too easy to fall victim to deceit.
Lower self masquerades as virtuous higher self,
wrecks havoc with self and other,
the stories of oh so many gurus, 
preachers & teachers,
men and women we put on pedestals to revere.

Maybe it is time,
maybe we ought to be more like Bill Maher
expose the hypocrisy
challenge the hold religions world wide claim on societies.
No need to be mean about it,
but clear and firm because
enough is enough!

Take inspiration for your own hold on reality
and your own speaking out against bullshit
from John Oliver's Televangelists.

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