Canine Meet & Greet

Dawson, Ray Masterson's service dog, a Husky meets a 9 month old pup, thankfully not for the first time. My dog Isabella-girl takes no longer kindly to impolite doggies that show no respect and get in her face. But Dawson, now 7 years old, has become a very friendly  dog, Ray has taught him well. He was not always mellow, as a pup he used to explode at my dogs and we would have a barking frenzy on our hands. This year has got me dodging dogs and has gotten me very tired of dog custodians that do not pay attention and are not proactive in avoiding unpleasantries. This little cutie here is a 9 month old male and a handful, but the lady says she always checks with others about her pup approaching, which I sure appreciate. I did notice though how Ray gave Dawson cues to take it easy with the little one. Shocking the dirty looks I get from those on the other end of the leash that somehow feel insulted when I pull my pups away in an effort to avoid conflict and keep our dogs safe!

 Balloons Are Free
- Tipping Is Expected

Boy Meets Girl

All Smiles

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