A Purple People's Party

Photo credit to the one and only, incomparable, highly talented, passionate about art & life, 
professional photographer Jennifer Esperanza,
May 20, 2016, Bernie Sanders Rally, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Yes, I am all for a third party, based on Bernie's progressive platform and his current supporters aimed at 2020 elections. Independents make up the largest percentage of voters, meaning they (we, strictly I am still registered as Democrat, but that might change after the democratic convention, or by fall, or with a renewed attempt to establish a viable alternative to the 2-party system of Democrats and Republicans.)

Bernie chose to hitch his wagon to the Democrats, for now. It was an excellent choice, I believe, he would never have gotten the exposure he has gotten as a 3. party candidate from the start. I do not believe he can defect the Democratic party in favor of a new 3. party now. He would lose credibility and be seen as an opportunist. Bernie will be in a great position to work on a progressive agenda from within the democratic party. Meanwhile from within Bernie's movement we have already leaders such a as Professor Robert Reich, Secretary of Labor under President Clinton, who has proven himself to have been a most eloquent advocate for Bernie and the issues so important to us, and the formidable Nina Turner who as a Senator of Ohio introduced legislation S.B. 307 to regulate men's reproductive rights, in retaliation to male legislators attempts to restrict women's reproductive rights, hilarious. 

Bernie created a movement whose time may not have come yet, but will. It is crucial to gather the momentum in to positive action for a future we truly can believe in, but not on cost of a Trump presidency! Change takes time. Impatience will not get us what we want, but a long view will eventually. Time is on our side, I am hopeful.

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