Scored Again & Again & Again

Today I followed the invitation of a client and scored big time.
A lot of overripe apples, some still hanging on an ancient looking tree.

 Those plums were perfect, ripe & sweet, with no blemishes, delicious in pancakes.

 My tart-making skills have suffered from disuse.
Below Zvieri was taken 4 years ago, today, September 19th. 
2012 was the year I discovered that fruit picked in public places taste better.

Today's apple tart crumbled and buried my preferred little fork, the one I have used since I was about 2 years old, the one that is perfect for desserts.
Where is the goat butter when needed? Sesame oil does not work very well for crusts. I used about 1/3 coconut flour, 1/3 spelt flour and 1/3 whole wheat flour and a bit of wheat germ. I added Braggs for a nutty flavor that I like, to a mix of water with oil and rolled the dough out over oat bran.

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