Following a suggestion on where to locate apricots, I scored big time in finding these apples ripe for the picking 
right near a nature preserve, still hanging from the tree, but in easy reach for me. Such luck!

Next will be the baking of 'Oepfel Waehe' or my kind of apple tart.

I can now, a few days later, attest to the deliciousness of those apples.
No, I am not about to nibble on a dog treat. 
Such are near always when eating in the company of my canine companions, 
as leaving them with a sense of deprivation is not an option.

My casual breakfast out on the patio while it is still warm enough 9.8.16.

Break of a non-existent fast 9.6.16 with my own home-made pizza topped with pineapple.

Zvieri with an apples-cranberries tart topped with whipped cream from 5.1.2011.

Oepfel und Zwetschge Waehe, meaning apple and plum tart from 4.6.2011.

Living the good life with Oepfel Waehe or home made apple tart while gazing at pretty orchids 8.16.12.

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