Another Exquisite Keith Olbermann Rant

A shared German heritage might make me like Olbermann's rants so much. His outrage is so real, so eloquent and so very necessary. My Grandfather in the thirties recognized Hitler as being from the devil. He did not allow his kids, 2 boys and 1 girl to join the Hitler youth groups. Sure enough, each and every one of those kids, including my Mom, joined the German army voluntarily as soon as they were able to! Yep, my Mom was a Nazi, she bought the propaganda hook, line and sinker as Mom having grown up in northern Germany would say. My Mom, bless her heart, unlike so many others shared some of her experiences with me, maybe as early as my having been 10 years old. The horror of listening to those WW II accounts surely contributed to my less than perfect pacifist tendencies and an utter abhorrence of war and violence of all kinds.

So Trump is not fooling me, is not bamboozling me, as our President Obama called it today. The horror of a Drumpf presidency is so unfathomable, I have not been able to even come close to express myself on this, I am in utter disbelief that this can be happening and that this is the country I chose to escape to from the overly conservative, restraining and restrictive culture of my upbringing in Switzerland. So for now, Keith Olberman is the best I can do to join in my outrage at the American political landscape. And yes, as a Bernie-supporter, back to an Independent status, I voted on our first day of early voting and I voted blue, all the way through. I voted for Hillary Clinton for a chance of a progressive future rather than a regressive turning back to those supposed good old great times that mainly served a now dying breed of outdated, patriarchal, white men. 

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