The unthinkable happened,
the unmentionable got chosen
by not just a handful of deplorables
and a rigged system of electoral votes
not a truly democratic system
and clueless media and their pundits.

 to be an American today.

for every woman that cast her vote for him
despite his groping and raping, 
despite his outrageous and demeaning remarks to women,
despite instigating a most vile witch hunt on Hillary.

for every aging, white male
educated or not
that cast his vote for him
willfully blind to the awfulness of his character
his associations with the KKK,
Russia's Putin,
and Israel's Prime right wing ass.

for every prior Bernie supporter that cast a vote for Jill or Gary,
unwilling to recognize the true danger of a Drumpf presidency,
therefore willing to endanger 
undocumented immigrants,
documented immigrants, 
women in need of abortions,
women in need of low-cost health care,
women with looks other than #10,
people with special needs,
Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexuals, and Queers.

We are outta here.

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  1. My heart breaks too; not only that but I’m very frightened. After Brexit the orange monster. Unbelievable. I can’t take it in.
    What is happening to this world? Morons are truly on the march everywhere.